Hotels near Taksim Metro Station

Hotels near Taksim Metro Station
One of the important transportation points of Istanbul is Taksim Metro Station. Taksim Metro Station, which is one of the stops of M2 line of Istanbul Metro, provides ease of access to thousands of people during the day.
Istanbul Taksim Metro has four entrances. Istiklal Street entrance; It is the most used entrance and it goes up to Taksim Square with The Marmara Hotel. Atatürk Cultural Center entrance; It is a bit above the Istiklal Street entrance and is the shortest route to IETT bus stops.
Taksim Gezi Park entrance; It provides easy access to Taksim Art Gallery, Inonu Stadium and Ataturk Library. The entrance to the training hall; It is used for transportation to Lamartin Street, Abülhak Hamit Tarhan and Recep Dede Street.
If you are planning a holiday in Istanbul, you can stay in one of the hotels near Taksim Metro Station. By staying in one of the hotels near the metro, you can easily go to other districts and visit the historical places of Beyoğlu.



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