High Speed ​​Train stops at Izmit

High Speed ​​Train stops at Izmit
50 was introduced to the Haydarpasa-Izmit railway in 1873 year after the construction of Izmit railway and steam locomotive.
In the 140 year, TCDD took significant distance in comfort and speed. Izmit intercity railway crossing at 2002.
Passing through the sycamore, the subject of postcards remained in the memories. The historical identity of the old station building was preserved, but it could not be evaluated.
High-speed train (YHT) line due to the Istanbul-Adapazari suburban train services, including all rail transport is not made since January 2012.
29 All trains will start working with YHT in October.
Since the trains do not work, the silence in the stations is replaced by the road works for the High Speed ​​Train and the selection of the place where the material to be used is taken is going on.
The fight is not only in Izmit. Similarly, from time to time, even more advanced fights are taking place in Adapazarı.
There are 8 months left. 29 October 2013 Haydarpasa-Ankara High-Speed ​​Train starts with the start of everything will be forgotten.
In the meantime, whether the material to be used in the High Speed ​​Train road works from Maşukiye or somewhere else has not been finalized yet, a new discussion started.
Will 29 be put into service in October 2013 Will Haydarpaşa-Ankara High Speed ​​Train stop in İzmit?
This issue was discussed during the previous day High Speed ​​Train Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) meeting.
As always, permanent activists and protesters, "According to this project called civilization, High Speed ​​Train will not stop in Izmit. Because the station is not seen in the project. If there won't be a stop for YHT in Kocaeli, let's let the high-speed train pass by. Kocaeli people can not benefit from this fast train from what we understand. Izmit 'station or stall area is not insulted this city,' 'he said.
I asked the governor Ercan Topaca about the question of can Will the High Speed ​​Train stop in Izmit or not? Çevre.
Governor Topaca, "Galip Bey, the current Haydarpasa-Ankara railway 29 October 2023 will be put into service with the High-Speed ​​Train to be moved to the north in the following years should not confuse the High-Speed ​​Train route," he said.
He said that this project was not only designed to transport passengers between Istanbul and Ankara, and the High Speed ​​Train, which will start Haydarpaşa-Ankara flights on October 29, will stop at Izmit Station. TCDD 7st Regional Manager Hasan Gedikli, whom I met at the panel of "Gebze University and Metro" organized by Nail Çiler, the President of Gebze Chamber of Commerce, about 1 months ago. sohbet He explained that the High Speed ​​Train will stop at Izmit Station and act according to supply and demand in Gebze Station.
In summary; High Speed ​​Train, which will run between Haydarpasa and Ankara, will not stop in Izmit when 29 starts its flights in October 2013. That's for sure, everyone's got ideas.
As for the new High Speed ​​Train discussion, which plans to cross the North.
Some time ago, the Mayor of the city of Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, or Kocaeli Transportation Master Plan ”wrote in the following,, According to the High Speed ​​Train Project going through the north, there are two areas organized throughout Kocaeli. One of them is located in Köseköy and includes YHT Izmit Station. Another is located within the proposed station within the scope of the YHT route to the north of Gebze eri.
As a result; 29 High Speed ​​Train, which will start Haydarpasa-Ankara flights from October, will stop in Izmit until the North High Speed ​​Train Project is completed. Izmit Main Transfer Center will be used as Izmit Station.
When the High Speed ​​Train project in the North is completed and commenced, it will stop at the Gar which will be constructed in Köseköy instead of Izmit.
High Speed ​​Train will use the station to be installed in the region near the Sabiha Gökçen Airport.
TCDD Fatih Station, which is within the boundaries of Çayırova, will be organized as Gebze Region Main Transfer Center.
While working on High Speed ​​Train, I would like to share with you a new development related to Maşukiye Quarry.
The news about the place where the material to be used in the railroad will be received is announced in the coming days.
We can say that Maşukiye survived. The place where the material to be used in the High Speed ​​Train route will be taken is more or less certain.
The quarry will not be granted temporary permission as before, the area will not be opened first and then closed.
The new location is not yet announced on the grounds that it will cause speculation as it is not finalized.
Excavation from a facility within the borders of Izmit is suitable for High Speed ​​Train. Let's do it!

High Speed ​​Train Railway Line Planned in North

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