Gift for Man

Gifts should reflect the feelings of the giver and the tastes of the person to whom they are given. When buying a gift for your father, the first thing you think about is what he needs. Any comfort he needs to be happy, maybe entertainment, maybe [more…]

first aid training on the ferry
34 Istanbul

First Aid Training in IMM City Lines Ferry

First aid training will be given on ferries on April 1, 2021, with the cooperation of IMM Şehir Hatları AŞ and ATAÇ-DER. KadıköyIn Eminönü ferries, it is aimed to raise awareness of citizens about first aid with practical training on models. [more…]

Akcaray tram service froze to normal
41 Kocaeli

Akçaray Tram Expeditions Return to Normal

Akçaray Tram Expeditions Returned to Normal; A fault has occurred in the high voltage line. The malfunction was resolved in a short time and the tram services returned to normal. ADDITIONAL BUS FIGHTS Metropolitan Municipality, the tram that is experienced in a short time [more…]

Reasons affecting the success of children

Reasons Affecting Children's Success!

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. If a child is unsuccessful, he is usually blamed for not making an effort. However, the right approach and support of the family is of great importance in the success of the child. your child [more…]

aselsan mortar system
06 Ankara

ASELSAN Mortar Delivery System

The Mortar Concentration System can be used with 81 mm and 120 mm manual mortars. System; shortening the deposition time, reducing the user errors (misdirection, wrong side-rising coupling, etc.), shortening the time between shots and shooting [more…]

Make kids love vegetables, don't force them

Make Kids Love Vegetables, Don't Force Them

Eating habits that develop at an early age continue into adulthood. Making children love vegetables is very important for their development. The Sabri Ülker Foundation believes that the preschool period is an important time for children to discover vegetables. [more…]