Traditional International Barrier-Free Erciyes Days Held

Traditional International Barrier-Free Erciyes Days Held
Traditional International Barrier-Free Erciyes Days Held

The "International Barrier-Free Erciyes Days", which are traditionally organized every year, were held at the Erciyes Ski Center with the participation of limited disabled people within the scope of corona virus measures.

Kayseri Erciyes Inc. Organized annually by Barrier-Free Erciyes Days, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Arlberg Sport, Ace Hotel, Kayseri Transportation Inc., Spor A.Ş. It was held for the 10th time in Tekir region at 2.200 meters with its support.

be able to express themselves in the social sphere of Disabled fard, organized activities to ensure their mountain sports and participation in cultural activities, in recent years, Turkey's all over and seeing hundreds from abroad, because of hearing and mentally handicapped are heavy pandemic conditions this year were made by a certain number of participants . Showing that there is no obstacle for snow and mountain sports, disabled individuals enjoyed the snow to the fullest in the event, where masks, distance and hygiene rules were meticulously applied.

Kayseri Erciyes Disabled Winter and Outdoor Sports Club Vice President Kadircan Gökalp said, “Unfortunately, our friends from the other city could not come due to the pandemic environment. Symbolically, we came together with a certain friend from Kayseri to carry out this event, ”he said.

Nazım Eraslan, getting up from his wheelchair and skipping with a snowboard, said, “The obstacle ends only in the brain. We do not recognize any other physical handicaps. We were a little sedentary due to the pandemic, but we had such a good opportunity with this organization in Erciyes. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed. My advice to our disabled brothers and sisters is never to lose their faith. If they make an effort, they will definitely get their rewards, ”he said.

Harun Mut, who lost one leg as a result of gangrene disease at the age of 7, is not a disabled person. There is nothing we cannot do if we overcome the obstacle in our mind. If I can ski with one foot, everyone can do this sport with more. Let them not be locked in their homes, they can do many sports branches outside. With this event in Erciyes, we had the opportunity to enjoy the mountain air and have a pleasant time.

The winners of the sled, archery and dart competitions organized within the scope of the 10. Barrier-Free Erciyes Days received their medals from Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş. Direction. Exchange rate. Head. Dr. Murat Cahid Cıngı presented it. Cıngı, "We're only ski organization made at the international level for our disabled citizens in Turkey, and every year we have to make do with less enthusiasm by our participants with this activity causes the virus to the choir this year. We hosted our guests in the best way by taking all our precautions in accordance with the pandemic rules. We have provided our disabled brothers and sisters, who have been shut down for a long time, an environment where they can have a pleasant time with various activities, albeit limited. We hope that, as a country, we will get rid of the corona virus problem as soon as possible, and we will organize our event again in the coming years in a festival atmosphere, "he said.

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