Sony Releases High Performance G Lens to Users

offers the high performance g lens to the users
offers the high performance g lens to the users

Sony is expanding its impressive E-mount range with three high-quality G Lens ™, bringing it to users. The FE 50mm F2.5 G (model SEL50F25G), FE 40mm F2.5 G (model SEL40F25G) and FE 24mm F2.8 G (model SEL24F28G) lenses all combine high image quality and spectacular bokeh in compact designs.

Lenses respond to photographers 'and video content producers' quest for exceptional shooting performance and mobility convenience.

When used in conjunction with a Sony full-frame camera or APS-C, the lenses bring out high resolution, intuitive operation, fast, precise and quiet autofocus in the most efficient way. These three lenses make an ideal set for a wide range of uses, including snapshots, portrait and landscape shots.

Yann Salmon Legagneur, Director of Product Marketing for Digital Imaging at Sony Europe, said: “At Sony, we are constantly innovating to create the tools that creators need to capture the beauty of the world. Combining excellent resolution and stunning bokeh in a compact and sophisticated design, FE 50mm F2.5 G, FE 40mm F2.5 G and FE 24mm F2.8 G offer users the opportunity to experience the pleasure of having lenses that can capture different perspectives of the same scene. ” Each of these three basic lenses provides a suitable shooting format for all types of shooting with different focal lengths; For 50mm portraits, 40mm shutter is the most suitable lens for photography or film shooting, while 24mm makes it an ideal choice for landscape shots. With their intuitive ease of use and superior build quality, this trio is the perfect lens kit for content creators looking for perfection.

Moreover, all three lenses are the same size (68mm diameter x 45mm), all have the same filter diameter (49mm), weight (FE 50mm F2.5 G 174g, FE 40mm F2.5 G 173g and FE 24mm F2.8 G 162g) and built-in their foci are almost the same; This makes lens exchange easy, even when using a gimbal. With the same stylish exterior design, these lenses are clearly marked to allow rapid change in focal lengths.

High resolution in a compact design

The FE 50mm F2.5 G, FE 40mm F2.5 G and FE 24mm F2.8 G lenses are compact and lightweight but also deliver the high image quality of a G Lens. Image quality is achieved thanks to the most advanced optical technology with aspherical parts and ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass elements that offer high resolution and suppress color blur. Aspherical elements provide high resolution performance in every corner of the image even at the widest aperture with shallow depth of field. Thus, users can enjoy shooting in high resolution using a compact design.

The stunning bokeh of the G lens is achieved by optimizing a circular aperture and at the extreme focal length of all lenses (2.5mm at F50, 2.5mm at F40 and 2.8mm at F24).

Carefully designed for optimum mobility, all three lenses are compact and light enough to fit anywhere. Offering the advantages of having interchangeable lenses suitable for every scene or subject, this trio set perfectly balances size and weight when shooting portraits, landscapes, snapshots or movies with a full frame or APS-C eye, gimbal, or a more comprehensive vehicle.

Focal lengths

Besides the 50mm angle of view, perfect for portraits and snapshots or filming, the FE 50mm F2.5 G has a 0,35m (AF) / 0,31m (MF) minimum focal length and 0,18x (AF) / 0,21x ( MF) has the maximum magnification; This makes it ideal for a wide variety of scenes and different subject shots. FE 40mm F2.5 G's 40mm angle of view, 0,28m (AF) / 0,25m (MF) minimum focal length and 0,20x (AF) / 0,23x (MF) maximum magnification for a snapshot or is also the right choice for filming. The 40mm angle of view, which is preferred especially in film shooting, corresponds to the natural field of view. In photographs, 40mm makes subjects stand out from the background.

With its wide 24mm angle of view, the FE 24mm F2.8 G lens is perfect for gimbal or grab selfies with an included background. You can also take close-ups with blurry backgrounds with a 0,24m (AF) / 0,18m (MF) minimum focal length and a magnification of 0,13x (AF) / 0,19x (MF).

High ease of use and reliability

Despite their compact size, the lenses feature a focus fixing button, focus mode switch, aperture ring, and click-through aperture switch for ideal usability. The focus fix button can be customized in the camera menu and assigned to a user preferred function. The aperture ring feels more intuitive and direct when taking photos or movies than controlling the aperture from the camera body. The aperture also has interchangeable stop points that can be turned off using the click aperture switch when shooting movies. In addition, thanks to Linear Response MF, the focus ring responds precisely and linearly when focusing manually, enabling the photographer to perform fine focus adjustments without delay, providing an instant and intuitive feeling of control.

The aluminum shell and engraved Sony logo not only offer a premium, sophisticated look, but also provides greater strength and durability. The filter threads on the lens hood and lens frame are equal. (49mm), which allows the same cover and filter to be attached to both the lens hood and the lens frame. The lenses are also designed to be dust and moisture resistant, allowing them to be used in any outdoor environment.

Fast, precise and quiet autofocus

The FE 50mm F2.5 G, FE 40mm F2.5 G and FE 24mm F2.8 G are equipped with two linear motors that deliver fast and precise autofocus (AF) with flawless tracking performance that can be maintained even with sudden changes in subject movement; this makes the lenses ideal for shooting moving subjects. AF is also silent, so it can be used for both still and movie shooting.

Stock information

The FE 50mm F2.5 G, FE 40mm F2.5 G and FE 24mm F2.8 G lenses will be available from various Sony dealers from June 2021.

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