Ministry of National Defense to Recruit 200 Contracted Personnel

National Defense Department
National Defense Department

The Ministry of National Defense (MSB) has announced the recruitment of 200 contracted personnel. In the published MSB contracted personnel recruitment announcement, it was announced that recruitment will be made among high school, associate degree and undergraduate graduates. It was stated that while the KPSS P94 score type is sought for the candidates in purchases, purchases will be made from various units in 5 cities.


Applications will be made online between 01.04.2021 - 21.04.2021 via

NOTE: Other than the public network (Internet) environment, petitions, letters, mail, etc. Pre-applications to be made using methods will not be accepted, these petitions will not be answered and no action will be taken.

Candidates will be directed to the 'Make Preferences' screen by using the application wizard after entering the ​​site and opening the application screen with their e-government password, and they will be able to choose from here by clicking the relevant purchase. After completing the selection process, they will be able to check their saved preferences by clicking the 'Show My Preferences' button.


Provinces to be purchased were listed as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Balıkesir and Yalova. You can find detailed information about KPSS conditional contracted personnel recruitment for various positions in the guide below.

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