Transit operations in exports will be easier

Transit Procedures in Export Will Be Easier

Minister Pekcan: “We implemented the 'Easy Export Points' project in order to ensure that our exporters can open declarations from wherever they are with zero bureaucracy, to provide better quality service and to reduce the workload of our customs.” [more…]

Izmir agriculture is going to inspire me turkiyede
35 Izmir

Agriculture Izmir in Turkey Becomes Inspiration

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerWith the Izmir Agriculture strategy, arising from the understanding of "Another Agriculture is Possible", rural development on the basis of cooperatives, water resources efficiently with correct agricultural practices. [more…]

A first in history in the field of turk esports
41 Kocaeli

A First in History in Turkish Esports

While there has been a great increase in the number of municipalities supporting esports, which has been on the rise in Turkey in recent years, yesterday was a first in history in the field of Turkish Esports. For the first time, two metropolitan cities [more…]

Investigation into taiwan train accident started
886 Taiwan

Investigation Launched into Taiwan Train Crash

An investigation has been launched into the accident in which at least 54 people died as a result of the train derailment in the Hualien region in eastern Taiwan. The prosecutor's office stated that the railway line was broken when the train was about to enter the tunnel. [more…]

The first police museum is opening

The First Police Museum to Open

The 176-year adventure of the Police Department was turned into a museum after a feverish work. The Police Museum will be opened with a ceremony to be held on April 9. The stages the Police Department has gone through from past to present, [more…]

merrell alanya ultra trail made
07 Antalya

Merrell Alanya Ultra Trail Held

Hosted by Alanya; Merrell Alanya Ultra Trail, organized by Argeus Travel & Events and Ahmet Arslan, was held with the participation of 24 athletes from 544 countries. The start of the race is in Alanya [more…]