We export products to the country
06 Ankara

We Export Products to 47 Countries

PTT.AS. Receiving General Manager Hakan Gülten and Qatar Post CEO Faleh al Naemi, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “The Turkish Souq e-export platform is a global example of success in terms of relations between Turkey and Qatar. [more…]

Banned from performing tarawih prayers in mosques during Ramadan

Prayers Banned in Mosques During Ramadan

While the coronavirus cases left 42 thousand behind, the release of the congregational tarawih prayers in mosques during Ramadan created controversy. Diyanet came back from that land and closed mosques to Tarawih… Well, corona vaccine while fasting [more…]

faulty habit that can cause cancer

10 Habits That Invite Cancer

Cancer continues to maintain its place as the second cause of death after heart diseases in developed and developing countries. According to the statistics of Globocan (Global Cancer Observatory), which collects cancer data from all over the world; in 2 [more…]