Important suggestions for eye health in spring

Attention to Eye Allergy in Pandemic!

Itching, discharge, burning, stinging... While eye health is more important than ever during the spring months we spend in the shadow of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the epidemic disease of the century, the unique characteristics of spring [more…]

mental health symposium started

Mental Health Symposium Started

'Mental Health Symposium' organized by Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital together with Moodist Academy has started. The opening speech of the symposium, which will be held with the participation of 44 scientists, will be made by Prof. Dr. Kültegin Ögel [more…]

Bursa transportation hike will be withdrawn
16 Bursa

Withdraw Bursa Transportation Hike

Labor Party Bursa Provincial Chairman Hasan Özaydın reacted to the increase in transportation in Bursa. Özaydın said, “The raise should be withdrawn.” Public transportation services of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary BURULAŞ [more…]