kktc's domestic car gunsel b introduced

Gunsel B9 Introduced to TRNC's Domestic Car

“Günsel”, the domestic and national car of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, was introduced with the organization held at the Girne Elexus Congress Center. 10 years of work and 1,2 million of Turkish engineers and designers at Near East University [more…]

Tema Foundation channel sued Istanbul Project
34 Istanbul

TEMA Foundation Sues the Canal Istanbul Project

To the EIA positive decision of TEMA Foundation, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for Kanal Istanbul Project; filed a lawsuit on the grounds that the decision was not in accordance with law, public interest and scientific justification. In the case filed on February 17, 2020 [more…]

Bursa Yenisehir Airport has become an innovation airport
16 Bursa

Bursa Yenişehir Airport becomes Innovation Airport

What I see is this… The proximity of Yenişehir Airport to Istanbul in terms of distance sometimes creates a disadvantage in terms of passenger preference. Especially… Passengers arriving at Sabiha Gökçen Airport in a short time after the Osmangazi Bridge can fly to all directions at almost any hour of the day. Moreover, flight tickets are cheaper than Yenişehir. [more…]

health awareness in afyonkarahisar train station
03 Afyonkarahisar

Health Awareness Activity in Afyonkarahisar Train Station

Health teams that opened stands in the Station Waiting Hall within the scope of the Health Awareness Event held at Ali Çetinkaya Station under the coordination of TCDD 7th Regional Directorate, Transportation Inc. Coordinatorship and Afyonkarahisar Provincial Health Directorate, ADH Chief Physician [more…]

Pleasure of Kaymakli Women in Erciyes Ski Center
38 Kayseri

Women from Kaymakli Enjoy Erciyes Ski Center

Kaymaklı Municipality continues its activities with the principle of social municipality. Kaymaklı Municipality Local Agenda 21 City Council, Erciyes trip was organized by the Women's Council. While almost a hundred women attend the trip, cable car and skiing pleasure in Erciyes [more…]

chpli yavuzyilmaz tcdd removed from the rail
06 Ankara

Yavuzyilmaz from CHP: 'TCDD Derailed'

In addition to the loss of lives in the recent accidents in TCDD, it was revealed that 114 million TL of public damage occurred. Reacting to TCDD, CHP's Yavuzyılmaz said, “The AK Party derailed TCDD. The soul of our citizen [more…]

canakkale bridge will be the bridge of the icons
17 Canakkale

1915 Çanakkale Bridge Rising

Marine and land studies on the European and Anatolian sides for the 18 Çanakkale Bridge, the foundation of which was laid on March 2017, 100, and the two-leg spacing will be 2023 meters, marking the 1915th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic. [more…]

Steamer Musicians continue to choose
34 Istanbul

Steamboat Musicians Selections Continue

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) City Lines Inc. continues to add new ones to its ferry musicians. The performances of the musicians in the musician pool after the applications made through the White Table in the competition organized to increase the quality of the music on the ferries. [more…]