Overpass in Irmak Zonguldak Line Tender Result

Making upper streak on irmak zonguldak line
Making upper streak on irmak zonguldak line

Irmak Zonguldak Line Km: Construction of Overpass at 378 + 220 Tender Result

2 firms submitted bids for the tender for Overpass Construction at Irmak Zonguldak Line Km: 2019 + 496707 with the approximate cost of TCDD 12.869.229,52. Regional Purchasing Service Directorate (TCDD) numbered 378/220 TL. RAMAZAN ACAR won the bid with 41 TL. 8.981.011,10 companies participating in the tender submitted under the limit value.

The tender covers the supply and assembly of 130.985 × 40 mm Galvanized Steel Strip for 4 m Grounding (Including Transport) and Other Works. The duration of the work is 350 (three hundred and fifty) calendar days from the place delivery.



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