When will the kecioren kizilay subway be put into service?
06 Ankara

When will Keçiören Kızılay Metro be put into service?

AKM-Train Station-Red Crescent subway works, which will provide direct transportation between Kızılay and Keçiören, are planned to be completed next year. When the new line goes into service, citizens will not have to do a hop-on hop-off at the AKM station. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, published on its official website [more…]

Instant Response to Signaling Faults in Kocaelide
41 Kocaeli

Instant Response to Signaling Faults in Kocaeli

The signaling teams affiliated to the Traffic Management Branch Directorate of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department intervene instantly to the signaling systems across the province. TRAFFIC SECURITY Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality The most important elements of traffic are [more…]