Signatures for KONYARAY Commuter Line were signed ..! So how will the route be

Signatures were signed for the konyaray suburban line, how will the route be
Signatures were signed for the konyaray suburban line, how will the route be

The signature ceremony of the KONYARAY Commuter Line Project, which will be realized with the partnership of Konya Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD General Directorate, has been held.

Speaking at the ceremony held at the Metropolitan Municipality Mevlana Cultural Center, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay stated that they had a very important day for Konya history. Noting that the biggest problem of metropolitan cities is traffic, Mayor Altay said, “Konya is not in a situation that will create a crisis in terms of traffic density at the moment. We are in a good position according to the evaluation made by many international organizations. But Konya is developing very rapidly. We realize very important projects in this period in order to take necessary measures. Currently, the construction site of Konya Metro is about to be completed. Hopefully, construction will begin this year. With the metro, which is an important turning point for our Konya, Konya will also have the status of cities with metro. ”


Noting that the KONYARAY project is a very important investment, President Altay said, “Because we will have started to carry passengers on a line where there is passenger traffic in the city but there is no public transportation axis. The project consists of two stages. The first stage is Konya Railway Station and the airport 17.4 kilometers; Our industries and organized industries in Meram, Karatay and Selçuklu will reach uninterrupted and comfortable transportation, even in the second stage, starting from Yaylapınar to the Organized Industrial Zone. This was a project that has been discussed for years, and it has been a reality to date. I present my endless gratitude to our TCDD General Manager, who contributed greatly to the project. ”


After completing these projects, President Altay continued his speech by stating that Konya will have a 21.1 kilometer metro line and a 26 km suburban line. When they are completed, in this four-year period, Konya will have 16 kilometers of new rail system line. This is about two and a half times the line we use today. ”


Noting that the suburban line project will make a significant contribution to Konya with its stops and routes, President Altay continued: “In fact, we are doing a metro standard business even though the investment price is not as high as the metro. For years, we have carried out various projects for our citizens to reach public transportation in the Organized Industrial Zone, but today we are signing it for the first time. Thus, we will be freed from the traffic density of nearly 2.600 service vehicles. We also provide an integrated transportation to Konya Main Transportation Lines, which is a feature of KONYARAY. It will be integrated with the system integrated into our metro lines both in the Meram Municipality area and from the New High Speed ​​Train Station. Thus, our citizens will have the opportunity to use our existing tram, metro and KONYARAY while going from one place to another. Hopefully, we are planning to start the related tender process this year. 17.4 kilometers and then 26 kilometers will be completed as soon as possible. Vehicle purchase is carried out by our Metropolitan Municipality. Hopefully we will have started his work this year. In addition, another feature of this project is that we have connected Konya Airport to the rail system for the first time. Until now, the airport and rail system were not in our public transportation area. Thus, the airport, our new bus station, our new station building and our old station building will become an integrated system. Here, we present our endless gratitude to Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Mr. President always cares about Konya and supports us with his instructions in the execution of these projects. We, as Konya, have always stood up next to our President, and I hope we will continue to do so. Again, our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, our ministers, governors, deputies, deputy chairman, provincial chairman, mayors, together, are working hard to serve Konya. This unity and solidarity of Konya also leads to the realization of many projects. I hope it will be beneficial for our city. ”


Karatay Mayor Hasan Kılca stated that the metro and suburban lines are extremely important for Konya. throwing lives in the golden age of transportation to our city. In this sense, I thank everyone who contributed. ”

Meram Mayor Mustafa Kavuş said, “I am proud and happy for my city and my district. We first met the metro. Metro will accelerate urban transformation rather than just transportation. This is a project that will open our way. The new Suburban line will also carry a significant number of people from Meram and will be a significant relief in traffic. Metro and suburban projects will also contribute significantly to the development of our city and district. ”

Seljuk Mayor Ahmet Pekyatırmacı said, “Our Konya is getting the investments it deserves. Konya is the first city where the rail system related to transportation is used in Anatolia. I hope this period; With the metro line investments, tramway investments, KONYARAY investments, the rail system will be the most widely used city in Anatolia. We are very happy for that. I hope that when these investments are completed, the status and standard of our Konya will be increased among the cities. ”


TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun said, “The suburban lines will be integrated into urban rail system lines and will provide faster, safer and more affordable transportation. The area covered by public transport will expand. The support of the light rail system, which has been strengthened with new lines and new vehicles recently, with suburban lines will make our Konya residents' daily lives even easier. KONYARAY, which we cooperate with the Metropolitan Municipality, is one of the most important transportation projects we will realize with local governments. In the project, the first stage of which is 17.4 kilometers and will have a length of 26 kilometers when completed, the 1-hour journey by road will decrease to 30 minutes. It will serve 90 thousand passengers daily. In this beautiful project, we promise that we, as TCDD, will provide all kinds of support and that we will work day and night in the completion of it as soon as possible. ”

Stating that he met the High Speed ​​Train in 2011 under the leadership of Konya's President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the construction of the Logistics Center in Kayacık continued, Uygun, the third biggest railway fair of the world, "Eurasia Rail" in March 2021, together with the Metropolitan Municipality in Konya. reminded that they would organize.


AK Party Konya Deputy Ziya Altunyaldız said, “Thank God for our AK Party government, we are really doing things beyond our dreams. I would like to thank our President, who provided these services with all his support and belief in Konya. I was very excited when I first saw the project. I would like to thank our Mayor and TCDD General Manager for their sensitivity to the project. ”


Konya Governor Cüneyit Orhan Toprak said, “I believe that the suburban project will make a great contribution to our city. Konya has really made an incredible leap forward in transportation in recent years. Especially by High Speed ​​Train. High Speed ​​Train is currently a preferred form of transportation from the plane. Konya became the center of rail system investments. The suburban project is also a huge project. I witnessed how the President closely followed the project on this issue and how insistent he was. ”

Noting that the suburban line is an investment as valuable as the metro, Governor Toprak said, “The connection of the suburbs to the airport is extremely important. These things really work like dreams. Our President has great efforts and support in the start, maintenance and completion of great investments in Konya. I thank him very much. ”


Following the speeches, the protocol of the suburban line was signed between Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay and TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun.

Program; AK Party Konya Deputy Orhan Erdem, 3rd Main Jet Base and Garrison Commander Brigadier General Fidan Yüksel, Chief Public Prosecutor Ramazan Solmaz, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Şakir Uslu, Provincial Police Chief Mustafa Aydın, AK Party Konya Provincial Head Hasan Angı, MHP Provincial Head Remzi Kararslan Konya Chamber of Industry President Memiş Kütükcü, Konya Commodity Exchange President Hüseyin Çevik, Konya Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Union President Muharrem Karabacak, MÜSİAD Konya Branch President Ömer Faruk Okka, district mayors, muhtar associations presidents and many citizens participated.

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