Artificial Intelligence Will Be Used in National Combat Aircraft Project

artificial intelligence will be used in the national combat aircraft project
artificial intelligence will be used in the national combat aircraft project

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced that the artificial intelligence and machine learning platform developed in the Cloud Computing and Big Data Laboratory within TÜBİTAK BİLGEM will take place in the National Combat Aircraft project for the first time in the world. Varank Minister, "Turkey will be competing with all the power of artificial intelligence." said.

The "National Artificial Intelligence Strategy and Artificial Intelligence Institute Workshop" organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Presidency Digital Transformation Office was held in Gebze TÜBİTAK campus.

In addition to Minister Varank, the Mayor of Kocaeli, Hüseyin Aksoy, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın, President of the Digital Transformation Office. Ali Taha Koç and academics attended.


Varank, in which the speech of the workshop, said Turkey's artificial intelligence will play a critical role in shaping the roadmap, it said it would offer vital contributions to Turkey's disruptive technology in the next term planning ideas to get out of here.


Pointing out that artificial intelligence is expected to contribute nearly 10 trillion dollars to the global economy in the next 16 years, Varank said that this area alone will create a 19 percent increase in global output. Noting that there is a fierce race between countries in order to get a share of this market, Varank said, “There is still no winner in this race. Those who take the rope; there will be the highest level of cooperation between public, industry, academia and entrepreneurs. ” said.


Varank stated that in our 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy, steps to strengthen economic and technological independence, to develop value-added production in industry and to achieve breakthrough in critical technologies are determined. Pointing out that artificial intelligence has a key role in realizing this vision, Varank said, “We will explain our national policies in this field soon after these workshops. Turkey with all the power and technology of artificial intelligence will be in this race. " found in the description.


Stating that they have 2023 smart product extraction targets by 23, Varank stated that some of these products will contain artificial intelligence and entrepreneurs are needed to do so.


Referring to the steps taken in the field of artificial intelligence, Varank noted that the Cloud Computing and Big Data Laboratory within TÜBİTAK BİLGEM made important contributions to meeting speech and natural language processing requirements, image appraisal solutions and smart systems. Varank said, “The artificial intelligence and machine learning platform developed here will take place for the first time in the world in an avionic system, in the National Combat Aircraft project.” he spoke.


Stating that the technologies developed by using artificial intelligence in the field of electronic warfare have come to the stage of productization, Varank said, “Our primary priority is to commercialize such projects that we have developed nationally and originally, and to move them to the use of the private sector as soon as possible. I invite our academician teachers and private sector organizations to have tighter elbow contact with our institutes in this sense. ” He spoke in the form.


Varank pointed out that important steps have been taken in the field of international cooperation, as well as domestic policies in the field of artificial intelligence, and stated that the second of the German German Artificial Intelligence Conference held in Berlin last August will be held in Ankara this year.


Explaining that the Artificial Intelligence Institute was established within TÜBİTAK, Varank stated that they want to create a new and strong structure in the ecosystem through this institute. Varank said, “We will implement the model of doing business together rather than cooperation. Actors in the artificial intelligence ecosystem; We will build a structure in which we can proudly say the phrase “We are also part of the TÜBİTAK Artificial Intelligence Institute”. said.


Explaining that he opens the door to many different risks besides many opportunities brought by artificial intelligence technologies, Varank stated that they are trying to develop a holistic approach that takes into account ethical values.


Minister Varank, referring to the road map to be followed while preparing the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, said, “We will prioritize transparency, personal privacy and security. We will consider the opportunities and the challenges we face. We will use resources efficiently, focusing on the areas where we are strong. We will partner with other countries in line with the current cooperation of our country. We will clearly demonstrate the professions of the future and the steps to plan transformation in employment. ” used expressions.


Presidential Digital Transformation Office President Koç said, “Data is one of the most important powers of the states in today's world. One of the most important methods of generating value from data is artificial intelligence technologies. Considered as the crude oil of our age, data is a resource used in both training and testing artificial intelligence technologies. Our goal is to create a sustainable environment and production based in Turkey, our country will pave the way for the study of artificial intelligence search technology, expanding artificial intelligence work primarily to improve the efficiency of public business and business processes. To make the artificial intelligence ecosystem sustainable by training workforce and qualified human resources. ”

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