Bayrampaşa Altıntepsi Storey Parking Lot Opened

Bayrampasa altintepsy multi-storey car park opened
Bayrampasa altintepsy multi-storey car park opened

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continues to realize underground parking garages with green areas on the city.

İSPARK opened the 120-floor Altıntepsi Park Underfloor Parking Lot, which has been completed by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in Bayrampaşa. There are also children's playgrounds and social reinforcement areas on the underground parking lot, which has been completed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and transferred to ISPARK for operation.

Explaining that Bayrampaşa Altıntepsi Parking Lot, which was completed by İBB, has started to serve, İSPARK General Manager Murat Çakır said, “Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will rapidly realize the parking projects consisting of underground, over green areas and children's playgrounds in the regions needed due to traffic density. it continues. ”

Bayrampaşa provides 120-hour service in Altıntepsi Underfloor Parking Lot with a capacity of 24 vehicles, which will make a great contribution to the need for parking. In the parking lot where there are modern security systems, disabled parking areas and smart payment systems; Payment can also be made with istanbulkart and credit card.

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