metro istanbul staff both enjoyed and learned
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Metro Istanbul Staff Have Fun And Learned

Metro Istanbul Esenler Regional Operations Directorate, which aims to provide training to its employees while having a pleasant time at an intensive business pace, organized a quiz. Metro Istanbul's Esenler District, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) [more…]

coastal security command to be commissioned officer

Coast Guard Command to Buy Petty Officer

Applications to meet the needs of the Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy, to meet the male / female active / contracted petty officer of the Gendarmerie General Command and to the male / female contract petty officer of the Coast Guard Command between 04-21 February 2020 [more…]

project works of channel istanbul completed
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Kanal Istanbul Development Plan Approved

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan said, “We have reached the tender stage in the Canal Istanbul Project that will protect our Bosphorus and Istanbul. This year we will hit the pickaxe. No provisions of the Montreux Straits Convention with Kanal Istanbul [more…]

Istanbul airport served million passengers
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Istanbul Airport Serves 55 Million Passengers

Minister Turhan stated that the investments made by the Ministry are of great importance for the country at the press conference organized by the Information Technologies and Communication Institution (BTK) regarding the 2019 assessment and 2020 targets. Turhan, [more…]