Women from Kaymakli Enjoy Erciyes Ski Center

Pleasure of Kaymakli Women in Erciyes Ski Center
Pleasure of Kaymakli Women in Erciyes Ski Center

Kaymaklı Municipality continues its activities with the principle of social municipality.

Kaymaklı Municipality Local Agenda21 City Council, Erciyes trip was organized by Women's Council. While nearly a hundred women attended the trip, there was a cable car and skiing pleasure in Erciyes. While Kaymaklı Mayor Harun Çekiç visited the women attending the trip in Erciyes, he stated that they were aware that such special events and old neighborhood relations, cultural gatherings made great contributions to science and togetherness.

Mayor Çekiç: “We will bring back the old days that were longed for with activities that will be held for our youth, women and men. The longing for the old was that sincerity and togetherness. We will continue on our way with that sincerity and we will be an exemplary town with our unity and solidarity. I would like to thank our esteemed women who attended our Erciyes trip, our esteemed Mayor of Göreme, Ömer Eren who supported the tour with their buses, our valuable Feridun Bağcı, our drivers and staff. " said.



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