tudemsas staff prayed for idlibte sehit dusen mehmetcik
58 Sivas

The Prayers of TÜDEMSAŞ Staff For Mehmetciks

TÜDEMSAŞ personnel prayed for the hero Mehmetçikler who were martyred during the operation carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces in the idlib region of Syria. The Surah Yasin was read for the martyrs before the Friday prayer performed at the TÜDEMSAŞ Masjid. in Idlib [more…]

tcdd retired father dust at his father's house
64 Uşak

TCDD Retired Father's House Fell in Martyrs!

Uşak Governor Funda Kocabıyık went to the family of Infantry Specialist Sergeant Ali Turgut (39) who was martyred as a result of the attack of the regime forces in the Syrian city of Idlib and shared the news of martyrdom, living in the Büyükoturak Village of Banaz District. your martyr [more…]

Logistics was carried out in the band
10 Balikesir

Bandırma Logistics Workshop was Held

Logistics Workshop was held in the Meeting Room of the Chamber of Commerce by the 16th Professional Committee of Bandırma Chamber of Commerce. Managers of public institutions related to the logistics sector in Bandırma, Bandırma Chamber of Commerce 16. Professional Group members and [more…]

Current marmaray pricing
34 Istanbul

Current Marmaray Pricing 2020

Marmaray, the project that connects the European and Asian sides of Istanbul Halkalı You can find all information about the stops and times of the Gebze subway in this content. Halkalı Gebze Suburban line 2019, Marmaray project [more…]