Chairman Seçer Makes Investigations at Mersin Port

president secer made examinations in the port of Mersin
president secer made examinations in the port of Mersin

Chairman Seçer Makes Investigations at Mersin Port; Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer visited Mersin Port and received information from Mersin International Port Management (MIP) officials.

Chairman Seçer met with Mersin International Port Management (MIP) General Manager Johan Van Daele and the top executives of the company. MIP Trade Group Manager Kerem Kavrar made a presentation about the port. Kavrar, Mersin Port is a multi-purpose port, not only container handling, but all kinds of cargo handling of petroleum products, he said. Stating that 4 thousand 257 ships came to the port last year, Kavrar said that 90 percent of the cargo handled in Mersin Port belongs to Mersin's hinterland.

After the presentation, MIP General Manager Johan Van Daele presented a table to Mersin Mayor Vahap Seçer.

The information program continued with the visit of the port area from sea and land. President Vahap Seçer, during the trip MIP officials received information about the port's expansion areas, docks and road connections.

Seçer: “We will make a better, more rational plan in this region”

Mayor Seçer stated that the zoning plans for the lands located in the east entrance of Mersin were rejected by the Municipal Assembly in the north of Mersin Port and said, ız We will make a better and more rational plan in this region. This is the eastern entrance of Mersin. The entrance of cities is like the entrance of houses. It is not appropriate for the entrance of the city to be such scattered and uneven. We need to fix this place. In this region, we have land as a municipality. We have no idea how to use it yet. Of course, we will evaluate the public interest in a way that.

“Trucks will enter the harbor without interfering with the city traffic”

Expressing that the trucks that interfere with the city traffic interfering with the Mersin Port, Mr. Seçer said that Mersin Metropolitan Municipality should cooperate with TCDD and MIP for the solution of this problem. Mayor Seçer said, araç Vehicle clutter in front of the harbor creates both image pollution and traffic problems in that area, which is the entrance of the city. This problem is solved by extending the highway connection road directly into the port. Vehicles enter the harbor without causing any inconvenience to us in terms of traffic and unload its load. We took the first steps of a strong project cooperation with TCDD and MIP in order to extend the highway connection road to the port. We made preparations for zoning plans. We are waiting for the steps of TCDD ”.

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