Metro Istanbul Employee Brings Disabled Passenger Together With His Father

metro istanbul employee brought disabled passengers with his father
metro istanbul employee brought disabled passengers with his father

Ünalan Metro Station security suspects suspected the movement of the disabled passengers, was contacted his father was delivered to his family. The father met with his son during the day when he was at work at the time of his wife was disturbed because his wife was not fully aware of his son left the house unannounced, reported that he was not able to come home on his own.

Kadıköy- The passenger named Fatih Akbulut, who passed the tourniquet area at Ünalan Station on the Kavşantepe Metro Line on October 15, 2019 at 19:40 on Tuesday, was noticed by the Station Supervisor of the M4 Operation Chief and the security personnel in the turnstile area.

It had his father's number on his tag…

Metro Istanbul employees who contacted the passenger, said that they do not know the identity of Fatih Akbulut, who was found to be severely disabled, did not allow the trip, considering the possibility of disappearance.

Upon showing the tag on the passenger's neck, officials who saw the contact information of his father, Abdullah Akbulut, reported the location of Akbulut by calling his father. Saying that he had come to Ümraniye and that he would come to the scene immediately, the father wanted his son to be under the supervision of Metro İstanbul personnel.

Di He couldn't go home on his own ”

Father Abdullah Akbulut Fatih Akbulut resting room until the officials said that the stomach is not hungry by offering tea to the passenger chatted. 20: 45'te father who came to the station, said that he was at work during the day, because his wife was disturbed by his son could not take full care of his son left the house unannounced. Stating that his son is not in a position to come home on his own, Abdullah Akbulut thanked Metro Istanbul staff for their help.

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