Closing Story of Şakir Zümre, First National Arms Factory

Closing Story of Şakir Zümre, First National Arms Factory
Closing Story of Şakir Zümre, First National Arms Factory

Our first defense industrialist.
At the same time coterie stoves and nostalgic
Is Bank is the person who produces the money boxes.
They became friends when Atatürk was on fire at 1913 in Sofia.
Zübeyde Hanım told her son in a letter: “Support Şakir”. Atatürk also supported…

Then it was forgotten. Like many who serve the Republic and sign important works.

Independence War kazanhas been
The Republic was declared and when the dates came to 1925, Mustafa Kemal made his friend Şakir Bey in Bulgaria.
Turkey and invites, "Come here to set up arms factories," he says ...
Agrees Shakir Bey and horses are shown in a coastal estuary ... it comes to Turkey ...
Do you know where it is?
The area where Miniatürk is located in Sütlüce is the first private sector arms factory in the history of the Republic.

Şakir Bey establishes in the Golden Horn…
Now our army's ammunition is national.
2 has a thousand people working in the factory in a short time
It starts to produce 100, 300, 500 and thousand kg bombs of Turkish Air Force.
On the one hand, while producing air force bombs,
on the other hand, the Turkish Navy needs to produce ammunition.
Even the first submarine bombs are produced here.
Again for the ground forces ammunition, grenades, signs and lighting flares, land mines, such as a lot of Turkish engineers and technicians in this factory is produced by the needs of our army is met.
Even the factory starts exporting to countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Poland and Egypt.
We poured into the sea in İzmir at 1922
The fact that we export 1.5 million pounds bombs to Greece arouses great impact in the world…

Günler The days of Atatürk and Bulgaria will live among my memories as the most memorable days of my life. What makes Anatolia a second Ergenekon,
this glorious Bozkurt would sometimes discuss and discuss the plans prepared by our country until the morning to achieve happy and illuminated days. en Şakir Bey also manages to build the first five-horsepower Turkish engine running on diesel fuel in his factory…
However, the death of his closest friend Atatürk and the arms agreements with America after the Second World War, Marshall Plan
It is the beginning of the end for Şakir Zümre…
Now America,
Instead of loading and unloading the remaining weapons of the Second World War, he distributes them in accordance with the Marshall Plan…
producing its own arms to Turkey,
"We give you a gun, you do not deal with them," said the first blow to the arms industry and our future. "
Greece, Poland, from countries such as Egypt, the United States is no longer the fear of weapons from Turkey do not take ...
Now it has become dependent on the outside and has stopped buying weapons from Şakir Zümre…
When this is the case
Şakir Zümre to Turkey with great effort kazanThe weapons factory he was working on began to rust slowly…
In the time
Şakir Cümre finished;
The defense industry of the country gradually came under the direction of America…
Hard times have started for Şakir Zümre…
The worker is unable to pay the salary…
Weapon and ammunition production has completely stopped ak Şakir Zümre, fluttering in despair, turns the ammunition factory into a stove factory, albeit with blood crying hur Today, the famous 50 remembered ages
Şakir Zümre starts to produce stoves…

On Vatan Street
every 30 at the official parades in August
While bombs and weapons produced by Şakir Zümre showed up,
At the ceremonies at 1950, an event that worsens us gerçekleş

Şakir Zümre slaps a truck that loads the stoves and the state man watching the show on Vatan Street;

Iniz You need us to America… You took the Turkish army's domestic and national weapons and sat on the lap of America hay

The government that took the gun from America, supposedly to take the hearts of Sakir Zümre.
A famous piggy bank of Is Bankasi is built in the ammunition factory of Şakir Zümre…
Shakir Coterie in 1966 say farewell to this mortal life, Turkey's first land, air and sea plant producing bombs also hit the door lock in 1970 ...

Similarly Vecihi Hürkuş aircraft factory, Nuri Killigil Weapons and ammunition factory, Nuri Demirağ aircraft factory, Revolution car, Turkey's first indigenous tractor HSG Karakurt and Booth closed or steam locomotive production or assassinated by going, or finding the end without ever starting the same shared fate.

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