Two New Bus Lines from ESHOT

eshottan two new bus lines
eshottan two new bus lines

Two New Bus Lines from ESHOT; ESHOT General Directorate commissioned two new bus lines in Izmir. The express bus demand of IZTECH students in Izmir Meeting was answered.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate, which evaluates the passenger traffic and the requests of the citizens of Izmir, has commissioned two new bus lines. Fahrettin Altay - IYTE (Izmir Institute of Technology), the number of buses to provide express service 883 started flights. Tınaztepe - Bornova Metro line numbered 415 was canceled and instead of 515 Tinnaztepe - Evka 3 Metro Transfer Center line was put into service.

Here is 515's route

515 buses will run on the Buca Tınaztepe - Bornova Evka 3 Metro Transfer Center line number 10, with a frequency of 16 minutes. Buses will serve on the route of Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Law - Menderes Avenue - Sirinyer - Buca Bridge - Yesildere Avenue - Sehitler Avenue - Fatih Avenue - Izmir Courthouse - Manavkuyu ​​- Mustafa Kemal Avenue.

Express service to İYTE

Fahrettin Altay - IYTE line, which started its flights yesterday, will also serve as 'express'. Buses on line 883 will run at an hourly frequency. Thus, the time spent by students on the road will be reduced by at least 30 minutes. Buses 883, which will provide express service in the morning and in the evening with the tariff D, will use IYTE-Izmir Perimeter Road - Fahrettin Altay route. A group of İYTE students opened a banner at the İzmir Meeting of Transportation held in the last months and asked Başkan Express Bus to İYTE den from President Tunç Soyer. Tunç Soyer said that the students would evaluate this demand.

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