Izmir's transportation will be managed from this center

The transportation of Izmir will be managed from this center: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, at the point where the heart of urban transportation is at; Halkapınar will establish a ağ Transport Integration Center ”in İzmir, which will control the transportation network of İzmir from a single center. 17 bin 500 Metropolitan Municipality organizes a national architectural project competition for the center to be implemented in the square meter area. Municipal organizations providing public transportation services in the city will gather ESHOT, İZBAN, İZDENİZ, İzmir Metro AŞ., İZELMAN and İZULAŞ under the same roof.

In order to manage the public transportation network of İzmir from a single center, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken action to establish a geçen Transportation Integration Center, in Halkapınar, which was formerly used as the Izmir Bus Terminal, organized a national architectural competition for an economic, environmentalist, original and qualified service building. In the 2016 year of the competition, a large number of architects, urban planners, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers participated in the competition. The winners of the 25 project were awarded with a ceremony at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center. Head of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Studies and Projects Department Hülya Arkon thanked the jury members who participated in the project and the participating contestants.

Distinguished jury members
Master of Science Dr. Haydar Karabey jury chairman of the competition Asil Jury Members Master Architect Assoc. Dr. Prof. Şebnem Yücel, Senior Architect Dr. Nevzat Oğuz Özer and Master Architect Tülin Hadi. Among the jury members of the competition were Assoc. Dr. Assoc. Dr. T. Didem Akyol Altun took part. Consultant Jury, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Buğra Gökçe and ESHOT General Manager Raif Canbek and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Consultant Architect Tevfik Tozkoparan and Assoc. Dr. It was Koray Velibeyoğlu.
17 Jury members who came together in December, took the first place in the project of High Architect Oknur Çalışkan, Landscape Architect Mehmet Zeyat Hattapoğlu, Civil Engineer Özgür Şentürk, Mechanical Engineer Mustafa Soyer and Electrical Engineer Haydar Aydın among the 25 project. The winners of the second, third and 5 equivalent awards were also selected.

What will happen at the Transportation Integration Center?
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Integration Center, the city's public transportation services in the municipal institutions ESHOT, İZBAN, İZDENİZ, İzmir Metro AŞ., İZELMAN, İZULAŞ will be managed from a single center will be the center of operation. In the previous years, the city bus station, then used as ESHOT repair center in the 17 thousand 532 square meters will take place in the center of both the bus and İZBAN, Izmir Metro and tram lines at the intersection of the planned high-speed train line, ie Izmir city transportation will be located at the node.
The center will be built according to the project that won the first prize in the competition. There will be a parking area in the basement of 5 floors.
In the social functions section of the Transport Center, there will be meeting and conference halls, exhibition halls, health unit, nursery, sports facility, refectory. Between the office block and the blocks of social functions, there will be a social courtyard with sheltered and shaded, cafeterias and seating areas for the public to benefit from. The ground floor and normal floors of the building include the office units of ESHOT General Directorate, İzmir Metro, İZULAŞ, İZBAN, İZDENİZ and İZELMAN.
The projects will be exhibited at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center until January 29.


Oknur Çalışkan - Master Architect (Head of Team)
Mehmet Zeyat Hattapoğlu - Landscape Architect (Consultant)
Özgür Şentürk - Civil Eng. (Consultant)
Mustafa Soyer - Mechanical Eng. (Consultant)
Haydar Aydın - Electrical Eng. (Consultant)

Evren Başbuğ - Master Architect (Team Head)
Can Özcan Y architect
Oğuzhan Zeytinoğlu - Architect
Cemal Çoşak - Civil Eng. (Consultant)
Necdet Tunalı - Mechanical Eng. (Consultant)
A. Levent Ünal - Electrical Eng. (Consultant)
Özlem Arvas - Architect (Consultant)
Dilşad Kurtoğlu - Master Architect (Consultant)
Özcan Kaygisiz - Architect (Consultant)
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Melisa Işık (Assistant)
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Hatice Deneri (Assistant)
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Ebru Yılmaz - Master Architect (Head of Team)
Seçkin Kutucu - Master Architect
Yonca Kutucu - Architect
Aslı Gümüşçekiş Odabaşı - Y. İnşaat Müh. (Consultant)
Burcu Karaman - Mechanical Eng. (Consultant)
Namık Onmuş - Electrical Eng. (Consultant)
Beyza Beydilli - Architect (Assistant)
Pelin Aykutlar - Master Architect (Assistant)
Işılay Tiarnagh Sheridan - Master Architect (Assistant)
Ömer Başar (Student)
Oğuz Bodur (Student)
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