Railway Children Captivated by the Beauties of Eskisehir

railway children grown up against the beauty of Eskisehir
railway children grown up against the beauty of Eskisehir

The family of Railroad Children came together during a visit to Eskişehir organized by the manager Serkan Başavul at 16 November 2019.

Around 150 coming from Adana, Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul and Nazilli, the railroad child was fascinated by the beauties of Eskisehir, a happy world city and left the city with happy and beautiful memories.

Growing with each passing day, the Railway Children Group, it was reported that the establishment of great friendships on the beautiful big meeting and acquaintance trip, which was dreamed for days, was pleasing. The academician, coach and painter Gülşen Doğan, who is in charge of the organization of the trip, said that although 4 came to Eskişehir, he always enjoyed visiting Eskişehir, discovering new beauties and being together with Demiryolcu children.

which is the pride of Eskişehir and Turkey TÜLOMSAŞ the first Indigenous children also visited the railway locomotive and pulled first domestic car Karakurt Revolution plenty of souvenir photo Proud to see.

In the vicinity of Balıkesir railroad children who survived an accident, despite the fearful moments, the happiness of spending pleasant moments in Eskişehir reduced the shock of the train accident. TCDD officials were asked to see such negativities and take urgent measures.

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