Peker Says High Speed ​​Train Will Prevent Unemployment in Sivas

udem right you, the general chairman said that the fast train will prevent unemployment
udem right you, the general chairman said that the fast train will prevent unemployment

Abdullah Peker, Chairman of the Transport and Railway Workers Union, said that high-speed train will provide economic vitality to Sivas and prevent unemployment.

Peker said, Yüksek High Speed ​​Trains Providing Transportation Services in Our Age has become a preferred means of transportation at least as much as airlines. The series being comfortable and economical are the most important factors affecting the choice. High-speed train between Sivas and Ankara, which we hope will be completed in a short time, will be completed and put into service.

Transportation and Railway Employees Union Chairman Abdullah Peker said that the fast train will be planned to stop at 2 station during the 9 hour journey and said: sonra After Ankara, Elmadağ, Kırıkkale, Yerköy, Yozgat, Sorgun, Akdağmadeni, and Yıldızeli will reach Sivas. High-speed train passing through these places will add both commercial and socio-cultural value, these cities will provide added value to the national economy which will stimulate tourism with the promotion of these provinces, and the companies that can create labor force that support production and increase production efficiency in large cities stopping the population growth and providing incentives to other provinces will provide the balance in the population distribution. ”

Peker said, “The importance to be given to Sivas and Kayseri, which is the gateway from Ankara to the east, and the desire to make progress in fields such as industry, technology, science and education with the transportation that will enable better development with the total employment of the society constituting the mosaic of the country.

TUDEMSAS should be modernized by bringing it to the capacity to produce semi-finished and finished products for the High Speed ​​Train. As it is known, High Speed ​​Train Projects are not a monthly or daily project, but a project that will serve for centuries. We would like to thank every person and institutions who contributed to the High Speed ​​Train Project as our headquarters. Everything I say for a more livable Sivas. ”



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