Bursa's 4 High Speed ​​Train Station

bursa will be the fastest train station
bursa will be the fastest train station

Bursa's 4 High Speed ​​Train Station; Name of Bursa fast, process slow train project, according to the announced construction tender, not 2 4 stationwill be.

Yüksel high speed train project…

The construction did not proceed as planned.

3 years agoyla ...

We were going to start traveling.

There ...

End to end, no rails!

Land conditions, interruptions for other technical and financial reasons, cancellation of tenders and intermediate arrangements have improved.

In physical manufacturing, significant progress The report says.

Even though it is said…

Saving on the grounds that the process was wanted to be frozen, came up and quite echoed.

The last situation…

The process is running.


New development has taken place.

General Directorate of State Railways, the same for the project 'high speed' announced an application tender with the standard definition.

According to this tender…

Bursafor the city center East ve West2, as well as New city'also district center ve airport including 2 4 station will prepare the project for.

When first planned…

Bursa ve New city and the airport in the center of Bursa with separate stations. 4is being removed.

Therefore ...

Lightning district, stationwill.


There's no shuttle to the west of the city.

Of course…

This package tender is not for the construction of the stations, preparation of implementation-based projects Aims.

will be recognized 720 days Considering the time…

The construction of Bursa Station and Gürsu, Yenişehir and Airport stations can only be started at 2022.

With the construction process…

Bursa's high-speed train can reach, that seemed possible in xnumx.yıldönümü the Republic of Turkey in 2023.

When the system goes into service…

Bursa and the eastern provinces will be connected.


Bursa's central station; Minareliçavuş'jewelry Bursa Train Stationannually 5 million 800 bin passenger capacity is envisaged.

Bursa is important in every aspect açı

The high-speed train had to meet before many cities.

Even with justified projects and expectations…

Our dreams continue, we struggle. (Serkan İNCEOĞLU - Bursa)

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