Security at the Top Level with X-Ray and Metal Door Detectors in Ankara Subway

security in ankara metros
security in ankara metros

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to take measures that prioritize passenger safety in public transportation.
The Metropolitan Municipality also provides a high level of passenger safety through X-Ray and Metal door detectors at the entrances of the Rail Systems (ANKARAY and Metro Stations), which are monitored daily by security cameras.


In parallel with the Peace Spring Operation and the developments in the region where our country is located and the demand from the Governorship of Ankara, the Metropolitan Municipality has taken additional security measures at the ANKARAY and Metro Stations which are preferred by the citizens of the capital for transportation every day.

While the number of security personnel has been increased in order to facilitate and accelerate the passage of citizens with their suitcases or bags, the passage of active x-ray devices is controlled.


Metropolitan Municipality has increased security measures in public transportation for citizens to travel safely, while the citizens of Baskent are very pleased with the increase in security measures:
-Ebru Dıbazar: “Nice application. Necessary for security. ”
-Yetkin Aktaş: “We believe that the X-Ray device is very important for public order, especially when the security issues are on the agenda.
Yaşar Koçak: “X-Ray device is very important for our security.”
-Muzaff Yalcin: "comes every day from people inside the borders of Turkey. Ensuring control in such an area is really important. ”

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