the capital's ways are safer with lines
06 Ankara

Capital Roads Are Safer with Lines

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on traffic and road lines in the boulevards, streets and squares of the capital. Science Department teams, especially during the hours of traffic traffic and road [more…]

iettden metrobus fire description
34 Istanbul

IETT's Metrobus Fire Statement

There was a fire in the engine part of a metrobus at Darülaceze-Perpa stop. There were disruptions in metrobus flights due to fire. IETT metrobüste made a written statement about the fire. In the statement made; X 525 in our IETT metrobus fleet [more…]

carpti injured in kutahyada locomotive cop truck
43 Kütahya

3 Injured In Locomotive Garbage Truck In Kütahya

3 Injured In Locomotive Garbage Truck In Kütahya. 3 people were injured in the accident that occurred as a result of the locomotive crashing into the garbage truck in the level crossing in Kütahya. According to information obtained, passing through the level crossing in Perli District Ü.Ç. [more…]