Turkey 17 145 Year Makes Billion Dollars Upcoming Infrastructure Investment

turkey billion dollars in the upcoming years made the investment in infrastructure
turkey billion dollars in the upcoming years made the investment in infrastructure

Speaking at the 3rd Tbilisi Silkroad Forum, which continues in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, Turhan stated that the trade volume between the continents has reached enormous levels at the point reached after the 30-year globalization process.

Turhan noted that the shift of the economic attraction center towards developing economies and the globalization of the supply chains increased the demand for transportation and logistics services and pointed out the importance of transport links based on rail and combined transport for sustainable and green international transportation.

Turhan, "The study of the Eurasian transport connections by the United Nations (UN) has shown that railroad and multimodal transport corridors can be more competitive than maritime transport." found the assessment.

Turkey's transport connections to handle the point holistic perspective, both physical and Turhan stressed that attaches great importance to the elimination of barriers not physical, "Turkey has launched 17 billion dollars, an infrastructure investment moves in the last 145 years. The main objective of our transportation investments, ensure fast and seamless connectivity between Asia and Europe and Turkey is to become a logistics base for the region. " used the expression.

In Turkey, Turhan would continue to increase its production and export-oriented trade volume, "One Belt One Road" recording of the importance of the region through the project will increase further, "Anatolia, the Caucasus and Central Asia triangular transport in the medium term will reach a multiple of the current economic size. " He spoke in the form.

"Turkey, Azerbaijan and past the railway line based on a tripartite agreement between Georgia and from Beijing through our country, which constitutes the basic axis of our transport policy goal of establishing a life of uninterrupted rail link to London." he said Turhan, this pipeline through Turkey's ports are not only economic, ranging from Africa to Europe, secure and competitive underlined that turns into a hallway.

Turhan, pointing to increase the importance of the Silk Road corridor with mega transport infrastructure projects in Turkey, "Especially this corridor will be a continuation of the giant projects are done using the dynamic public-private partnership with the passing of life both quickly and at less cost than the private sector. We meet unlimited needs with our limited resources. ” said.

Turhan emphasized that innovation and smart use of efficient transportation systems are important in combating environmental issues such as dependence on fossil fuels, traffic and road safety. In this sense, new technologies such as digitalization, electrification and automation make the transportation sector faster, more efficient, sustainable and environmental offers tremendous opportunities.

Within the scope of the forum, Natia Turnava, Minister of Economic and Sustainable Development of Georgia, also made speeches of transport ministers of Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Afghanistan.

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