Capital Roads Safe and Comfortable

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues the road works that will make the transportation of the capital more secure, comfortable and comfortable.

In this context, the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, who gave many good tidings. Dr. Taking the satisfaction of the driver with the instructions of Mustafa Tuna, he will place bilinen CTP roadside posts dikkate known as işaret cat eyes arı among the public by adding new signs to the capital roads.


On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality opens new roads that connect the capital to the most remote corners, restore the asphalt, renew the wear and tear it down from the road lines to the boards, and continue to complete and renew the security signs on these roads.

Metropolitan Municipality, which takes care to make the capital roads compatible with the standards, renews the traffic signs in the district neighborhood connection roads. Prior to ensuring the safety of life and property of drivers and pedestrians on the roads, the Metropolitan Municipality decided to increase the number of cat eyes. Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department officials said, yen We have started to implement a thousand new ones of 25 to the traffic signs that are important for the safety of our citizens. In addition, the cat eyes of the 50 one thousand new pieces will be planted.


New signs and cat eyes, which are produced by using reflective materials in accordance with the standards specified in the technical specifications of the General Directorate of Highways, also facilitate the adaptation of the drivers to traffic rules.

Especially at night where the low vision of the driver to warn the driver to reduce the accident rate to minimum levels of these systems, which is located in the areas of the capital, indicating that the authorities, said the work will continue throughout the year.


Last month, the new direction plate 500 new direction signs began to place the Department of Transportation Departments, now the tender phase has been completed 25 thousand new sign began to plant planting work.

Traffic signs, central districts and other districts to ensure the connection of all roads with sufficient safety standards, pedestrian crossings with warning signs to be equipped with, more secure the winding roads, specifying the residential entrance and exit, main road-crossroads, speed limit warnings completing all kinds of traffic alerts will be provided.

Thanks to the cat eyes, which will be planted on 50 thousand pieces, the right and left borders of the road line will be made more clear on low-hand roads.



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