new connection to the bus station
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New Connection Road to Menteşe Bus Station

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mentese district after the necessary permissions to the new bus station, to ease the traffic of the new connection road construction began. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, 11 Million TL investment in the district of Mentese bus terminal has brought a new [more…]

pedestrians are more confident with upper passages

Pedestrians in Mersin are Safer with Overpasses

The works initiated by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of Vahap Seçer's instruction to ease the city traffic and provide pedestrian safety are continuing with great speed. It is planned to be made by the Metropolitan Municipality in order for the pedestrians to walk around the city safely. [more…]

minister pakdemirli rode to the capital and board
06 Ankara

Minister Pakdemirli Boarded the Capital City

Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, traveled by Başkentray Suburban train. Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli visited the applied exam area in which forest engineers to be employed by OGM in Behiçbey Orman Nursery in Ankara participated and [more…]

kartepe yuruyus way etabi was lush
41 Kocaeli

Kartepe Walkway 2. Stage Was Green

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to build walkways to many points of Kocaeli. Within this scope, the Department of Park Garden and Green Areas started at the Brissa Junction of Kartepe Walkway and ended at the Köseköy [more…]

citizens waiting in the station with the project of the elementary school in Konya will love mathematics
42 Konya

The Project 'Mathematics at the Stop' Launched in Konya

The "Mathematics at the Stop" Project, which was carried out with the aim of Encouraging Citizens Waiting at Bus and Tram Stations to Love Mathematics, was Implemented The project named "Mathematics at the Stop" conducted by 5 primary schools in Konya, Hasan GÖRGÜLÜ, Head of Transportation and Rail Systems Department of Konya Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

problems of transportation trades in Antalya evaluated
07 Antalya

Problems of Transportation Tradesmen in Antalya Evaluated

Antalya Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen at a meeting held in the problems of transport tradesmen were evaluated. Antalya Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (AESOB) President Adlıhan Dere, under the presidency of the Deputy Police Responsible for Traffic Nurettin Sengul, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation [more…]

samsun critical report for steep railway line
52 Army

Critical Report for Samsun Sarp Railway Line

In the 'Samsun-Sarp High Speed ​​Train Project' report prepared by Ordu University; "It will make an important contribution to the region in solving economic problems, especially employment, with rail transport and high-speed train transport," it said. Ordu University (ODU) Ünye Economics [more…]

we could still be getting on the train
34 Istanbul

We could still be getting on the train from Haydarpaşa

All of the familiar trains such as the Eastern Express, the Capital Express, the Fatih Express, the Kurtalan Express, which have been serving for years with seven roads and four platforms, have departed from Haydarpaşa Station for many years. These conventional railways can be protected, Anatolia's railroad [more…]

passenger train in izmir
35 Izmir

Izmir Passenger Train Crashed into the Room of Workers

During the cleaning process of the train in the maintenance shop in Konak district of Izmir, he maneuvered back and hit the room where the workers stayed. In the accident, the cleaning worker was slightly injured. On the other hand, the wall of the room collapsed due to the impact. An investigation was launched into the incident. [more…]

basiskele batti output lighting maintenance
41 Kocaeli

Başiskele Battı Output Lighting Maintenance

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Building Control Department also carries out maintenance and repair of visual illumination, energy lighting and mechanical works of pedestrian overpasses in the areas under its responsibility, in addition to the maintenance of elevators and escalators in overpasses. This [more…]

iett meets with travelers and produces solutions
34 Istanbul

IETT Meets Passengers and Generates Solutions

The “Passenger Meetings ği, organized by IETT in order to learn about the experiences and demands of the passengers themselves, continues with increasing number of meetings with the instruction of President Ekrem İmamoğlu. IETT General Directorate, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), has been [more…]

Goals Express Map
32 Isparta

Lakes Express Expedition Stations and Map

Lakes Express Time Stops and Map: The Lakes Express, which will be operated daily on the Isparta-Izmir (Basmane) line, consists of 262 wagons with a capacity of 4 passengers. Lakes Express, which will start its flights on Isparta Izmir line on 25 October 2019, [more…]