signatures for a more capital-free capital
06 Ankara

Signatures for a More Noiseless Capital

21 protocol will be signed on Monday for October ürültü Ankara Noise Action Plan üle to be carried out in coordination with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and TUBITAK Marmara Research Center. Strategic Noise Map prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality for the evaluation of road, railway and industrial resources [more…]

mugla urban design road percentage completed
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90 Percentage of Hinge Urban Design Road Completed

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has started with the investor institutions in the city center Menteşe Urban Design Road 2.etap street, road, intersection and infrastructure works completed 90 percent. Rifat Ayaydin, Hasan Ercan, Hasan Ali Yucel and Mentese District [more…]

signature of belarus subway
26 Eskisehir

Eskişehir Signature for Belarus Metro

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) Chairman Celalettin Kesikbaş, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen, ESO Board Members and Eskişehir industrialists held a series of contacts in the Republic of Belarus (Belarus). To the capital Minks and the industrial city of Grodno [more…]

derbent station will be at the end of October
41 Kocaeli

When will Derbent Train Station Open?

The opening of the Historic Derbent Train Station, which will be held in May and is expected to open at the beginning of June at the latest, was at the end of October after a delay for months. An explanation as to whether the necessary procedures to open the station have been completed yet [more…]

metrobus line gives alarm
34 Istanbul

Metrobus Line Alarms!

The density in the metrobus line, the lifeblood of transportation in Istanbul, was brought to the agenda of the IMM Assembly. The increase in the number of passengers using the Altunizade stop made her anticipated. SözcüAccording to the news of Özlem Güvemli from; “The last metrobus lines carrying millions of passengers between two continents in Istanbul [more…]

project to extend the capital line
06 Ankara

Kayaş-Sincan Başkentray Line Extends 18.4 Km

The project to extend the Başkentray line, which was carried out with the initiative of Sincan Mayor Murat Ercan, is being implemented. The project will end on March 17, 2022 According to the news of Vuslat Ay from Sabah Newspaper; “Sincan 1st Organized Industrial Zone and Yenikent residential area will also be included. [more…]

konya buyuksehir tram tram
42 Konya

Book Surprise on the Tram from Konya Metropolitan

Konya Book Days, traditionally organized by Konya Metropolitan Municipality and hosting hundreds of thousands of visitors, opened its doors. 10 will remain open for days Konya Book Days will be held this year at the Selçuklu Congress Center. About 250 publisher, 450 author [more…]

Izmir Odemis Train Map
35 Izmir

Izmir Odemis Train Hours and Map 2019

İzmir Ödemiş Train Hours 2019: TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. There are 7 mutual trips between İzmir Ödemiş. After the road renewal works between İzmir Ödemiş, the citizens of Ödemiş have a high level of interest in the increased trips. People of Ödemiş [more…]

cooperation with Ethiopia in railway sector
06 Ankara

Cooperation with Ethiopia in Railway Sector Will Be Developed

the development of cooperation in the field of railways between Ethiopia and Turkey in order to TCDD General Director Ali Ihsan appropriate, TICA Deputy Chairman Serkan Rocks, Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC), CEO of the dr.sentayenh the Woldemichael Yohannes "in the Railway Sector Cooperation on the Development of a" triple [more…]

the bridges on the badger tea are painted
26 Eskisehir

Bridges on Porsuk Stream are Painting

The maintenance and repair work of the Metropolitan Municipality continues on the bridges on the Porsuk Stream, which adds beauty to Eskişehir's beauty. The maintenance of the bridges, one of the symbols of Eskişehir, started last year and continues this year. Parks and Gardens Department teams [more…]

work to relieve traffic in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Work to Relieve Traffic in Eskişehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Cumhuriyet Boulevard in order to reduce the intensity of traffic experienced during peak hours in accordance with the zoning plan in the neighborhood of Hicri Sezen Boulevard is conducting intensive work to open the car traffic. In this context, Road Construction Maintenance and [more…]

companies that spend the most R & D
06 Ankara

Companies Who Spend Most R & D in 2018

prepared by my Turkishtime "R & D 250, Turkey's most R & D spending makes companies" most R & D expenditure of companies engaged in 2018 According to the survey, was ASELSAN with 2.162.839.458 pounds. This figure last year 1 billion 674 [more…]

turkcell celebrated its year
06 Ankara

Turkcell 25. Celebrated

Since its inception 25 years of unremitting efforts as Turkey's technology continues to be a leading country and investments, Turkcell capital, as part of 25th anniversary events in Ankara held a special reception. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure to Reception [more…]

ankara garina blue tie fitted
06 Ankara

Blue Tie Worn on Ankara Station

The activities of the Blue Tie Project, which was prepared by the Turkish Medical Oncology Association to draw attention to prostate cancer, began with the giant blue tie hanging on the Ankara Station. 17-20 Within the scope of Blue Tie Project to be realized between October 2019, [more…]

temporary temporary change of course
41 Kocaeli

Temporary Route Change in Derince

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality ISU General Directorate of Derince will make temporary route changes due to the infrastructure work. Within this scope, Derince D-100 was temporarily closed to vehicle traffic between the old road participation and Derince crossing junction. TEMPORARY ROUTE [more…]

the face of sakip sabanci street changed
41 Kocaeli

The Face of Sakıp Sabancı Street Has Changed

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has expanded and renovated Sakıp Sabancı Street, which is located in front of Köseköy Mehduh Tağmaç Barracks and serves as an alternative road between Kartepe Köseköy and İzmit. Within the scope of the work carried out by the teams of the Department of Science, [more…]