alanya break break
07 Antalya

Arrangement for Break Interchange in Alanya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, especially in the evening hours of traffic, almost locked in the interchange made in Alanya Mola. Relaxation was provided at the intersection after the arrangement. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Branch Directorate teams and Alanya Municipality Science Affairs Directorate teams [more…]

Another Alternative to Baskent Traffic
06 Ankara

Another Alternative Route to Capital Traffic

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on new road construction in many points of the city in order to ease the traffic of the city and solve the transportation problem in the residential areas. Metropolitan Municipality, which gives priority to projects that will reduce traffic density especially during peak hours, is located on East-West, North-South axes. [more…]

fast train
17 Canakkale

High Speed ​​Good News to Çanakkale!

Bandırma-Bursa-Çanakkale-Bilecik high speed train projects are planned to be completed in 2021. Works are in progress for the Bandırma-İzmir, Bandırma-Bursa-Bilecik high-speed train project prepared by GMKA and the Bandırma-Çanakkale-Tekirdağ railway project. When the projects were completed, 30 between Bandırma and Bursa, 90 between Bandırma and İzmir, 240 between Bandırma and Tekirdağ [more…]

izban stations mobile wc will be installed
35 Izmir

IZBAN Stations Portable WC

Mobile WC will be installed in İZBAN Stations. Mobile toilets are installed in public transportation stops in İzmir. The need for the subject was expressed by the MHP Group in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Selahattin Şahin, MHP Group Vice President of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly at public transportation stops [more…]