tcdd freight forwarding updated fast train ticket prices
06 Ankara

TCDD Transport High Speed ​​Train Ticket Prices Updated

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) in operating lines of TCDD General Directorate of Transport Inc has updated the ticket prices of the High Speed ​​Trains, which greatly facilitate our lives in intercity transportation and connect different cities, passengers and cultures. high-speed trains in Turkey [more…]

ankara traffic relieves with connection roads
06 Ankara

Ankara Traffic Relieves with Connection Roads

Metropolitan Municipality, which accelerated the construction of alternative routes and connection roads to ease traffic in Ankara, completed the road works connecting the Beytepe Campus of Hacettepe University to Sabancı Boulevard. 3 thousand 50 meters with side roads including round trip [more…]

ilimtepe road is renewing
41 Kocaeli

Ilimtepe Road is being Renovated

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, citizens to travel more comfortably in the road construction and repair work continues uninterruptedly. Nihal Atsız Caddesi and Alparslan located between Hacı Osman and İlimtepe Neighborhoods of Körfez District [more…]

island express train service will increase in range
34 Istanbul

Island Express Train Schedules 7 to Increase in December

Train services are expected to increase again in our city after December 2, which is the date given by TCDD for the rehabilitation and repair operations that started construction on May 7, According to the news of Oğuzhan Aktaş from Kocaeli Barış Newspaper; "Before High Speed ​​Train Expeditions, Adapazarı- [more…]

ankara subway rail is renewed
06 Ankara

Wearing Rails Renew in Ankara Subway

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality renews the rails in Ankara Metro, which are worn or worn. Continuously maintaining maintenance, repair and renovation works all over the capital, EGO General Directorate Rail Systems Department provides citizens with uninterrupted comfortable transportation and safety. [more…]

Unknown about haydarpasa gari
34 Istanbul

Haydarpaşa Railway Station.

Sakalar and Scythians (The Hidden Old Anatolian People) Twitter account, while sharing the information about the construction process of Haydarpaşa Station, the station, the Ottoman Empire's first project in the process of nationalization said. Jokes and Scythians [more…]

rayman training for machinists who work in batman diyarbakir line
21 Diyarbakir

Railbus Training for Machinists on Batman Diyarbakır Line

The campaign launched by the Batman sonsöz newspaper began to produce results with the demand of transforming the railway network, which is active on the Batman-Diyarbakır Railroad, where approximately 15 thousand people travel each day, into a rail transportation vehicle. Batman-Diyarbakır train line employees, rail [more…]

We don't think of a cable car.
61 Trabzon

President Zorluoğlu: 'We Don't Think of a Cable Car in Trabzon'

Murat Zorluoğlu, Mayor of Tranzon Metropolitan Municipality, answered the questions of Günebakış newspaper in the live broadcast of Çay TV. Günebakış newspaper concessionaire Ali Ozturk, the court canceled the question about the issue of the cable car. Mayor Zorluoğlu said, üm A cable car is being built in Sümela. We don't think of a cable car in Trabzon. ” [more…]

The exterior of the multi-storey car park in Gebze is being painted
41 Kocaeli

Exterior of 7 Storey Car Park in Gebze is Painting

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its efforts to provide 7 storey car park to one of the busiest streets of Gebze. Ongoing construction of Gebze Kızılay Street, which is carried out by the Directorate of Building Control, has a total of 14 thousand 890 square meters. [more…]

efficient intercity bus terminal
41 Kocaeli

Efficient Lighting to Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal

One of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, TransportationPark A.Ş. 69 electricity was saved by replacing the old lightings in the Intercity Bus Terminal, which was operated by the company. Metropolitan Municipality, 150 already existing in the work of the bus station lighting [more…]