gaziulas staff will now speak in sign language
27 Gaziantep

GAZİULAŞ Staff Will Speak in Sign Language

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of in-house training activities of the Department of Transportation staff will be given sign language training. The metropolitan will support the hearing impaired with the 750 employee in the training aimed at adapting the hearing impaired to social life. “Friendly Friendly [more…]

trabzonda cable car project is canceled
61 Trabzon

Trabzon Cable Car Project Canceled?

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Meeting today was held in the council meeting hall under the chairmanship of Deputy Mayor Atilla Ataman. It was announced that the ropeway project planned to be made by the Metropolitan Municipality from Trabzon to Boztepe was canceled due to the court decision. About the subject [more…]

The first female employees of ispark made work
34 Istanbul

İSPARK's First Women Workers at Work

The problem that İ There are no women employees in İSPARK ği, which was frequently brought up by IMMoğlu, was finally resolved with the new management. The first female employees of İSPARK, Derya Atacan and Zülfiya Işan did their job. Atacan, İSPARK Marketing and Corporate Relations [more…]