Defense Industry Delegation at Kardemir

defense industry delegation in Kardemir
defense industry delegation in Kardemir

The delegation from the Presidency of Defense Industry, Karabük Iron and Steel Enterprises (KARDEMIR) AS.

KARDEMİR AŞ hosted a delegation from the Defense Industry Presidency. Vice President of Defense Industry Dr. KARDEMİR came to Kardemir today to see the production and investments of defense industry in place. Celal Sami Tüfekçi, the delegation headed by the Department of Industrialization Murat Çizgel and Motion Support Group President Yüksel Ünal Technology Transfer Office Directorate, Aerospace Sector Directorate, Investments and Sectoral Strategy Directorate, Machinery and Shipbuilding Sector Directorate, R & D Department, Quality Authorities from Test Certification Department and Marine Vehicles Department took part. During the visit, which aims to increase the cooperation between Defense Industry and our company, the guest delegation was Dr. Kardemir General Manager. Hüseyin Soykan and other company officials came together at a meeting.

At the meeting, which started with the general introduction of KARDEMİR and Karabük, the steel qualities produced by Kardemir for the Defense Industry up to the present were discussed and the steels needed by the sector and the production capabilities of our company were evaluated.

We held meetings in Turkey's steel industry in the world take place in the first 10 pointed out that one of the few sectors KARDEMİR CEO Dr. Hussein Genocide, while Turkey's 2023 they want to support the defense industry, with existing infrastructure, to contribute to national survival with the objectives and working groups have been formed in this regard and R & D units of the defense, he said the automotive and machinery manufacturing sectors have developed new steel grades. SOYKAN "To Kardon our affiliate (KARDEMİR Casting Machine Industry and Trade Co.), TCI (Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation) in agreement accordance with Heavy Weapon and Steel Factory Manager, which needs institutions 21 tons Turkey's largest ingot mold of the weight production successfully. We are working on how many parts we can supply for land and sea vehicles. We have made our productions for tank pallet steel available to the private sector. We are constantly engaged in research and development and are currently working on the steel parts of some land vehicles in the defense industry. ”

When the Iron and Steel Industry is mentioned, Karabük and Kardemir come to mind as the capital of steel. Celal Sami Tüfekçi'de R & D and industrialization issues in his speech said they want to see Kardemir as a big brother.

During the technical tour organized after the meeting, the Defense Industry Presidency delegation, which saw the production processes of our company, made extensive inspections especially in the Rail, Railway Wheel and Rod Coil Production Facilities. Kardemir subsidiary KARDÖKMAK (KARDEMİR Casting Machinery Industry and Trade Co.) also received information about the delegation team then met with Kardemir technical team, evaluated the possible cooperation. Dr. The Defense Industry Delegation headed by Celal Sami Tüfekçi left our company after the evaluation meeting.


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