Tram in Antalya 1 Injured

Tram in Antalya 1 Injured: Tram in the square-Fatih in Antalya, the tram stop at the square, the line was connected to the pole was hit by the line. The impact of the impact of the 1 citizen injured in light, Ismetpasa-Meydan tram stops stopped.
The accident occurred at 17.00 ranks. According to information obtained, running between Fatih-Square tram, derailed for an unknown reason. The tram line on the track hit the pole. The impact of the impact of the 1 citizen was slightly injured. The wounded person was taken to the hospital by ambulance calling citizens to the scene. After the accident İsmetpaşa-Meydan tram stops.
In the accident, the windows of the right side of the tram broke and the material was damaged. Tram, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality teams at the scene of his work after the maintenance and repair for the repair center was taken. It was learned that the Meydan-İsmetpaşa line, where the flights were stopped, would be reopened after the work.



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