Karşıyaka Latest Situation in Çiğli Tram Project

latest situation in Karsiyaka Cigli tram project
latest situation in Karsiyaka Cigli tram project

Karşıyaka Latest Status in Çiğli Tram Project: Karşıyaka The project, which was prepared to extend the tramway to Çiğli direction, was approved by the Governorship of İzmir and the EIA process was initiated. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality had rolled up its sleeves to extend the tramway to Çiğli, upon the request from the citizens.

Regarding the future of the project, there has been an important development. The file prepared for the iğ Çiğli Tram Line ”project was submitted to the Governorship of İzmir. According to the assessments, the file was found suitable for Environmental Impact Assessment and the EIA process was initiated.


The tram line, which will greatly ease the transportation of citizens living in Çiğli, will be the 14 station. The first stage of the tram line, which will be constructed in two stages, is expected to be completed in 2019 and the second stage in 2021.

250 will be the 11 station, which is expected to cost TL million. Mavişehir İZBAN Atasehir Station, which will start at the end of the tram tram, will extend to Ataturk Organized Industry.

The first stage of the tram will be between Ataşehir-Çiğli İZBAN-Çiğli Region Training Hospital. The second stage is Ata Sanayi Sitesi, Katip Çelebi University on Atatürk Organized Industrial Site and will be completed at Ataşehir Station by connecting with the line at the intersection of İstasyonaltı Neighborhood.


Within the scope of the project, upon the demands of pedestrian and bicycle access between Mavişehir and Ataşehir, an overpass will be built in this region. The tram line is planned to pass over İzmir Ring Road and to the west of Atakent Junction and an overpass including bicycle and pedestrian path will be constructed.

Karşıyaka Cigli Tram Map

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