Disassembly of Old Rails in Beyoğlu Nostalgic Tram Line Completed

Removal of Old Rails in Beyoglu Nostalgic Tram Line Completed: Istiklal Caddesi Infrastructure and Superstructure and Landscaping and Renovation of Nostalgic Tram Rails, which were built by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Construction Affairs, are underway.

Infrastructure Installation Works that will end the Open Excavation at İstiklal Street are coming to an end.

The waterlogging of the buildings on the street ends with the Wastewater and Stormwater Infrastructure Works.

Due to the inadequate and old wastewater lines, wastewater discharge and frequent wastes of wastewater and stormwater lines in the basement floors of buildings and workplaces located on İstiklal Street are now in the history.

2016 The end of the infrastructure improvement work started in December was approached. All the infrastructure of the street has been renewed for many years. So far, 2 km rainwater and 1,5 km wastewater infrastructure has been completed. With the infrastructure works planned to be completed within the day 20; so far mixed flowing stormwater and sewer lines will be decomposed and the street will not live again after rain.

With the new Infrastructure System, if there is any fault and new installation in İstiklal Street, work can be done without open excavation. To this end: With the installation of 70 pieces of new additional rooms (chimneys), which will provide 310 corrugated pipes and the approach to these Corrugated Pipes, the Open Excavation at Istiklal Street will be included in the history.

During these activities, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality made temporary concreting and asphalting to the areas where pedestrians and shipment vehicles were not victimized. In this way, the citizens of the foot of the sludge without walking even found the opportunity to walk comfortably on the street. Pedestrian bridges designed specifically at the entrances of buildings and stores were deployed and the building entrances were not disturbed.

* Beyoglu Nostalgic Tram Line, vibration damping Elastomer (rubber) supported by the new tramway rail tracks to be assembled, will be mounted. Thanks to the elastomer coatings around the rail, vibration will not be transmitted around the rail and there will be no damage to the coatings.

1990 27 2 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX At the next stage, new rails covered with vibration damping agent will be installed. Thus, it is aimed to prevent the breakage caused by vibration in the floor of İstiklal Street and to end the stone image. In addition, all energy cables and street lighting of the tram will also be renewed.

* Natural Granite Stone Covering Work: Nostalgic Tram Line due to the vibration of the environment and the excavation of the infrastructure that the institutions had to do on the street due to the damage of the floor covering, the renovation of the upper floor of the street has required. In the second phase, the street will be renewed and the street will be renewed. 10x 15 m30 Natural Granite Stones will be laid in total with 25x500x2 cm scale.

* For Infrastructure Institutions (İGDAŞ, BEDAŞ, TÜRK TELEKOM, İSKİ etc.) 100 km. infrastructure pipe to be laid. After this piping, BEDAŞ 26 km power cable, TÜRK TELEKOM 99 km transmission cable and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 72 km fiber cable will be installed to eliminate the infrastructure problems completely.

30 of the pipes will be left as empty pipe, after this infrastructure work and in future years for any possible needs, in case of any failure and new plumbing work can be done without open excavation.

The new chimneys will be built on the street with an aesthetic appearance.

Pavement Works, Laying of Natural Granite Stones on the Floor

Superstructure works that will start in mid-May will be completed at the same time as the infrastructure works which will be completed after 20 days and will be started simultaneously from two different points to be completed by the end of the year. Pedestrian bridges will be placed at every business entrance so that the tradesmen will not be the victim of the works and the entrance and exits of the citizens will be provided comfortably. Weekend, especially on Saturday evenings due to the density of citizens will not work.

To ensure occupational safety, the work area will be covered with 1.70 cm height hair panels.

Works on Istiklal Street;
1- Wastewater and Stormwater Infrastructure renewed (20 completing the day)
2-Nostalgic Tram Rails were dismantled. In the second phase, vibration damping, brand new rails with rubber upholstery will be manufactured and laid.
3-For Infrastructure Institutions (BEDAŞ, TÜRK TELEKOM, İSKİ etc.) 70 corrugated pipe system and new approach to 310 Chimney will be laid.
4-Natural Granite Stone Cladding (Street Pavement Work 20 starts the day.)
5-Lighting and Catenary System Renewal


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