Samsun Sivas Railway should be put into service as soon as possible

samsun sivas railway should be put into service as soon as possible
samsun sivas railway should be put into service as soon as possible

BEST Party Samsun Deputy Bedri Yasar, "Samsun-Sivas (Bold) railway line should be opened to service as soon as possible," he said.

BEST Party Samsun deputy Bedri Yasar, said in a statement, “Samsun-Sivas (Kalin) railway is based on the oldest. The construction of this railway began in September 12 with Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's first digging. The 1924 kilometer railway line extending from Samsun to Kalın Village of Yıldızeli District of Sivas was completed on 378 September 30 and put into service by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Thus, the first passenger and freight transportation between the Black Sea Region and Anatolia started. With the decision taken jointly by the Government and the European Union, renovation work was initiated on this route on 1931 June 24. To this end, 2014 signed a contract on June 12 between the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the entrepreneur who received the tender under which conditions and in which manner the renewal works will be carried out. In his speech at the signing ceremony, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of the period stated that € 2015 million of the project will be funded from the European Union. The Minister of Transport explained that the 220 million euro portion of the study will be financed from our own resources. The Minister also announced that the renovation works will be completed at the end of 39 and the line will be put into service on that date. Thus, renovation works started on Samsun-Sivas (Kalın) railway line after 2017 year break and the line was closed to transportation on 88 September 29.


In the 2015 "North to south, we carry the future of Turkey" was launched with the slogan and to be completed at the end of the planned renovation work is over 2017 years 4 full-year history until today. The longer the renovation works, the longer. The opening date was thoroughly amazed. Despite the announcement, the opening of the line was not possible in August and September. Thus, the opening of the Samsun-Sivas (Kalın) railway line turned into a snake story. In the first years of the Republic, 7, which was working with digging and shovel in a period when all kinds of impossibilities and deficiencies were experienced and technology was almost absent, 4 opened the railway line for passenger and freight transportation during the year; Despite all kinds of facilities, equipment and technology, 2019 has been renewed in such a long time and it has been a great misfortune on behalf of our country. During the renovation, the calendar has progressed rapidly and the end of the year 1. The 2017 year period is approaching. The railroad line, which could not be commissioned at the end of 2018 and 2019, seems unfortunately not going to be operational at the end of XNUMX. It seems that this long-term delay in the completion and opening of the project has brought new burdens to our nation and our country. We want to share with the public as soon as possible the new burdens brought and the total amount of the project cost and to whom the burden is placed.


The prolongation of the renovation work was not only affected by passenger transport on this line. The delay affected all the trade on this route as well as passenger transport. Since road transport is more expensive than rail transport, trade on this route is almost finished. The revival of trade is either good work or strong government support. Moreover, not only here in Samsun economy for the delay, but also Turkey's economy has also been greatly damaged. This line is one of the two railway lines of the Black Sea to Anatolia. We hope that the railway line will be opened to service as soon as possible without further delays and that this damage will be compensated. Hopefully, the government opens the line to operation during this year without disrupting 2020 and allows trade to revive on this route. ” (the Dengegazete)

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