Arrangement for Break Interchange in Alanya

alanya break break
alanya break break

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, especially in the evening hours of traffic, almost locked in the interchange made in Alanya Mola. Relaxation was provided at the intersection after the arrangement.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Traffic teams and teams of Alanya Municipality Directorate of Science, Alanya's Şekerhane, Güllerpınarı and Çarşı neighborhoods located at the intersection of Mola Junction signaling and pedestrian crossing places completed the work on the rearrangement. As it does not comply with the standards, signaling and pedestrian crossings causing traffic congestion in the region have been adjusted to standards.


Teams, first made the appropriate crosswalk. Alanya Municipality Science Works teams while making the pavement, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Branch Directorate teams removed the traffic signaling lights moved to the new location. Thus, the vehicles coming from the direction of Alanya Municipality, Ataturk Boulevard had the opportunity to return more easily. With the new regulation, the traffic congestion in the region, especially in summer and evening hours, was eliminated and relief was provided for both pedestrians and vehicles.


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