BTS made a statement about Malatya train accident

bts made an explanation about malatya train accident
bts made an explanation about malatya train accident

📩 15/06/2020 14:14

The United Transportation Employees Union (BTS) Central Executive Board made a press release about the accident in the Battalgazi District of Malatya the day before, when two freight trains collided.

In the Statement made by BTS; “On 13.06.2020, around 01.58 hours, two freight trains collided head-to-head near the Kemerköprü neighborhood of Battalgazi district of Malatya. Mahmut Kaya and Mehmet Ulutaş lost their lives in the accident.

First of all, we extend our condolences to the railway community, especially the families and relatives of our friends who lost their lives in the accident.

After the accident was learned, our Union President Hasan Bektaş and Malatya Branch President Hasan Akdemir visited the place where the accident took place and made investigations.

Following the examinations to be carried out by the General Directorate of TCDD, information about the cause of the accident will be learned.

However, the restructuring of the railways in the preferences of the need that the political power to specify the order applications are implemented, then institutions TCDD and TCDD Corporation which causes the splitting of the May 1, 2013 at 6461 dated enactment of the law on the liberalization of rail transport in Turkey and the accompanying process a This is the main cause of these disastrous accidents that we have been through for a while.

This process caused serious changes in the structure and legislation of TCDD; the number of personnel has decreased, the load has been loaded on the engine, the structure of the staff in the preparation of the trains has changed, the same task has been started to be made for the personnel with different statuses, and the railway system has been mixed with the wrong changes made in the institutional structure.

On the other hand, by TCDD General Directorate recently; Decisions were taken to exile tens of staff of 15 members and executives of our union to other workplaces without their own will and without any justification, and members and managers of the pro-union organized in TCDD through a tulip.

In this process, as we have stated in our explanations for the removal of exiles, assignments on railways; Emphasis is placed on the fact that leaving the place of knowledge, accumulation, merit and appointment procedure together will create very dangerous consequences and accidents will occur.

Breaking down the cause of this accident in Malatya to only machinists or a few personnel will not only prevent the accidents from happening, nor reveal the true cause and responsible of this accident.

In order to avoid similar accidents in the upcoming period, it should be decided to provide one-stop service on the railways, as well as ensuring that there is an adequate number of personnel for urgently a train to operate safely, and assignments based on merit should be made by quickly dismissing the political staff from within the institution. expressions were used.

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