Haydarpaşa Railway Station.

Unknown about haydarpasa gari
Unknown about haydarpasa gari

Sakalar and İskitler (People of the Old Anatolian Hiding) Twitter account of the construction process of the Haydarpaşa Station is given striking and surprising information, while the station, the Ottoman Empire's first project in the process of nationalization said.

Sakalar and Scythians (Hidden Old Anatolian People) from the Twitter account sharing is as follows; ”Haydarpaşa railway station, 4760 km Hicaz Railways project, which is the first leg of the 91 km Haydarpaşa-Izmit as the beginning of the year 2 1873 was opened in service. The father of the idea of ​​this mega project was German Engineer Wilhem Von Pressel. Sultan Abdulaziz brought Pressel to the General Directorate of Asian Ottoman Railways. (1872) This project was built piece by piece between the years of 1901-1908 in Damascus-Hejaz (Hijaz: Western region of Saudi Arabia, including Mecca, Medina and Taif).

When it was announced that the donations would be made, they initially claimed that this mega project, especially the French and the Italians, could not be done and that the Ottoman Empire would fight the Muslims. Even the Muslims of Morocco and Egypt did not believe in the project and met with suspicion.

The first big donation was the 75.000 penny. The Grand Vizier made this donation. Especially Sultan II. When Abdülhamid and the state staff of the period started the project with the first donations, Muslims in Egypt, Morocco, India and Russia also rained donations. Almost every district in Egypt had a charity fund…

And again; initially the first finance for the project is the loan of 100.000 lira from Ziraat Bank. For the first two years, one hundred thousand pounds in the following years, 50 was to be given a thousand pounds of credit. And so until the end of the year 1908 480 has given a thousand pounds credit. Since this situation affected the loan negatively to the farmers, Ziraat Bank borrowed interest from the Ottoman Bank. The goal of this mega project, which started with the Haydarpaşa train station in Hijaz and then to Basra, was to make local and national resources and donations without giving concessions to foreign states.

As the project progressed and approached the Hejaz, the British were initially incapacitated by funding the Bedouin tribes and raided the railway construction. Since the Bedouins had united and attacked for the first time in history, construction with 15 thousand soldiers could only progress. Bedouin tribes were giving a complete guerrilla war, soldiers were accompanied by a military field battalion and many soldiers were lost. The situation became such that the workers were given guns, but we were doing this project with the soldiers because of the scared and fleeing workers.

With the military battalions working as workers, the cost was reduced by half and the 3.5 million pounds were completed by European companies. 1.7 million of this construction materials and workmanship and so on. were expenses. (Ottoman budget in the period was 18 million)

The Bedouin attacks were compromised with the Bedouin for prolonging the work, and with the privileges granted, the attacks were stopped, until the 1916 reigned the great Hejaz Rebellion to the British Emir of Mecca Sherif Hussein! (323 km between El Ula and Medina 1 opened in September 1908 with official ceremony)

Within this mega project; The full 2666 had masonry bridges and culverts. Again; 7 iron bridge, 7 grain pond, 9 grain tunnel, 3 factory in Haifa, Der and Maan, and a large workshop in Kadem where locomotives and wagons were repaired. And again; 1 repair shop in Medina, a pier in Haifa, a large station, warehouses, foundry, workers' buildings, pipehouse and operation building.

A hotel in Maan, a hospital in Tebuk and Maan, a buffet in Der'a and Semah, and a 37 Water Depot in various places. Candlestick; on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday between 07.00 and 10.00, and at noon, 13.00 also departed. He was leaving Medina at the same time Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

During the pilgrimage, poor and needy pilgrims were provided with free travel on trains. Previously, the route of Damascus-Medina was reached by 40 per day with camels, while the Hicaz Railway went down to 72. Again in this mega project, only Ottoman citizens were employed. ”

Neden Let me explain why Hicaz Railways was made with domestic capital, donations and soldiers. One of the main reasons underlying the tendency to limit the rail concessions granted to the British and French, and then to the Germans as a balance element, was to abandon the territorial integrity of the Ottomans since 1878. Again, 1882 is the British invasion of Egypt. Even though we left Cyprus to England before the Berlin Agreement, they were not with us against the Russians. 1881'de French troops in Tunisia, the occupation of the British, the Egyptian invasion of the French voices in the Ottoman Empire to learn the situation and led to national policies. The Germans were the catalyst against Russia, England and France at that time.

II. Abdulhamid was right to turn to the Germans. Because the Germans, like other countries, had no eyes on the land of my Ottoman Empire. Again, like the British + French + Russians did not want to agree between them to destroy the Ottomans. The Russians made it clear with the 1770 Çeşme raid and the 1774 Küçük Kaynarca Treaty. Again, it aimed to destroy the navy with Navarin (1827) and SYNOP Raids (1853). Unfortunately, they succeeded. With the Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca, the Ottomans won the patronage of the Orthodox and the Ottomans won the patronage of the Muslims in Russia.

With this Küçük Kaynarca agreement, a kind of Caliphate was established. (Sultan I. Abdulhamid period-1774) The Caliphate in the last period used by the Ottoman Caliphate office was born with this agreement. Rumors about caliphate over Yavuz Sultan Selim are not true.

Now, why did I write this? Haydarpaşa Railway Station is the first national project made in the Ottoman Empire, which I mentioned above, after a long period of painful experiences and a return to national understanding. While making this project the symbol of Istanbul and making it the eye of tourism like the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the fact that it is an unspecified signage company gives the nation a conscience. This project is both IMM, as well as whether the environmental reclamation of the Ministry of Tourism cooperation is also necessary to take warning Turkey's star of the reasons I just mentioned. "

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