TCDD Employees Perform Naked Action in Front of Headquarters

tcdd naked action
tcdd naked action

TCDD Employees Performed Nude Action in Front of the Headquarters: TCDD employees undressed and acted at -5 degrees. The front of the TCDD General Directorate building was active today. Transportation-sen members, Machinists and movement officers protested the heavy work conditions and the reduction of the number of personnel with banners, slogon and whistles.

The action on the stairs of the headquarters was not limited to only slogans, some TCDD employees continued the action by saying that we undress for the officer without paying attention to the cold at -5 degrees. The protesters who said that the cold of us had a cold, cut the dressing action short and faster than they were robbed. TCDD employees signaled how determined they are, saying that our actions will continue frequently.

Meanwhile, just as the action was over, the railway workers surrounded an authority vehicle standing in front of the headquarters. The resume was quickly eliminated.

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