Halıcıoğlu Metrobüs Hit Metrobus, 3 Injured

halicioglunda metrobus metrobuse carpti injured
halicioglunda metrobus metrobuse carpti injured

Metrobus in the direction of Mecidiyeköy, Halıcıoğlu metrobus in front of the 3 people were injured as a result.

The accident occurred at Beyoğlu Halıcıoğlu metrobus stop. According to information received at the time 9.45 queues in Istanbul, the direction of the Avcılar metrobus, Halıcıoğlu bus stop waiting in front of the metrobus occurred as a result.

During the event, the citizens of Metrobüste suffered major panic after the collision, 3 people were injured in the accident. Instead of the accident was referred to the health and police team. The wounded were taken to hospital by ambulance. Metrobuses involved in the accident were removed to the safe area with the hammer. Metrobus flights returned to normal.


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