Antalya will meet with Monorail and Metro

antalya will meet with monorail and metro
antalya will meet with monorail and metro

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Chief Advisor, stating that they plan to make a monorail between Liman and Antalyaspor stadium. Cem Oguz, "If we find the source from the stadium to the west of Kundu 16 kilometer section of the subway plan," he said. Oguz, Hop On Hop Off two-storey buses called they want to introduce.

Dr. Cem Oğuz
Dr. Cem Oğuz

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Chief Advisor, Chairman of the Board of Directors and ANTEPE Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO) Board Member. Cem Oguz, IMO Antalya Branch “All about Antalya gerçekleştir gave an interview. As a municipality, they will carry out their work in the future and transfer information to the participants about Oguz, Antalya monorail and metro will be introduced to the good news, Tünektepe'nin said to be restored. A large number of architects and civil engineers, as well as ANSİAD President Akın Akıncı, JMO Antalya Branch President Bayram Ali Çeltik, HAKMO President Ufuk Sönmez, Landscape Engineers Chamber Lokman Atasoy and ASMO President Emrullah Tayfun Çavdar also attended the meeting.


2 million 426 thousand inhabitants of Antalya, 20 thousand 177 square meters of surface area, 640 kilometers of coastal band, 19 district and 913 neighborhood has attracted attention. Cem Oguz, 5 in terms of population, 4 in terms of the number of vehicles and motorcycles in terms of the number of 2'nci drew attention to the big province. Pointing out that the population of Antalya increases 2 times each year, Oguz said that it is not very easy to manage. 16 million tourists recalling the destination last year, 14 million tourists came to record Oguz, 2.5 million people over the population of 14 million people expressed a great burden on the city.


Oguz said that they found the opportunity as a practitioner about what should be done for a good Antalya, and said that Mayor Muhittin Böcek provided the necessary support. Oğuz pointed out Böcek's slogan Biz We do it together “and said, içerisinde We will fulfill this slogan in the coming process. Together, with the common mind, we will find the right solutions together. We need to bring projects to Antalya without public resources. Antalya needs this. Antalya does not need crazy projects. There should be a city where there will be happy people and people can live in prosperity. ”


2014 elections with the implementation of the Law of the whole city reminded Oguz, pointed out that metropolitan cities are not satisfied with this application. "30 Metropolitan has a serious debt burden," said Oguz, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality also reminded that 6 billion 200 million pounds debt.


Oğuz said that infrastructure systems, urban plan and management should be constructed well and underlined that the biggest task in this regard is local governments. Oğuz said that urban transportation is a big problem and said, san If you can't plan the roads and main arteries well, urban transportation becomes the biggest problem. You need to build water resources, watershed management and dams. Still bring Antalya's drinking water from Manavgat or Karacaören? We're discussing groundwater. Drinking water seeks a solution in the coming process. The sewer system is more recent. Rain water is a big problem. They need to be well managed. Solid waste management should be done well. Energy distribution networks should be well structured. Preparations should be made for natural disasters. Have they been well edited by this time? Think about it..


Oğuz emphasized that the people of Antalya gave them the task of creating a city with a planned, rules and identity and said: lad We designed our 77 project under this roof. We plan to improve the quality of life and standard of living. We will implement the local development model. We are planning to solve the problems that have not been solved in a long time. ”


Oguz noted that the areas where there will be new constructions in Antalya should be carefully planned and implemented and reminded of the urban transformation in Kepezalti-Santral. Oguz said that the physical realization is around 65, and that the constructions will be completed within the year. Oguz said that there will be about 1 thousand people living there. Dönüşüm There will be a transformation in 70 thousand hectares in Kepez's 19 neighborhood. Kırcami 2 is an area of ​​hectares. Churn into an area of ​​1500 hectares. 1400 hectare area in Konyaalti is in a position where zoning applications will be made and the population will live. A small province will be built in Antalya. Infrastructure problems without solving the zoning here brings great problems. We need to get these resolved ”.


According to 2017 data, there are thousand 290 structures in Antalya, Oguz, Kepez, Konyaalti and Muratpasa pointed out that there are around 125 thousand buildings. Noting that 42 percent of the structures are 15 annual, 31 percent 16-30 annual, 27 percent 30 years and more years, Oğuz said that 3 is about to complete the economic life of 1 and said “Building quality is 28 percent yüzde. in poor condition. 34 percent is moderate and 38 percent is good. ”


Oğuz pointed out that the urban transformation in 2013 was done by demolition and that 10 thousand buildings benefited from the Urban Transformation Law. Within the scope of reconstruction peace 160 thousand building registration document was given Oguz voicing, 110 thousand buildings benefit from reconstruction peace, he said. 160 thousand buildings that benefit from the urban transformation is blocked in front of Oguz, zoning peace and urban transformation law coincides with the future master plans will be made in vain, he said. Oguz, "a lot of money will be spent, but in practice as a plan will stand before us to do nothing," he said.


Stating that it is wrong to grant licenses to stone and mines in the tourism city of Antalya, Oğuz pointed out that it is wrong to make 8 HEPPs on a tea although they support as an engineer. Oguz, Foundation Farm, Weaving area, cemetery and citrus in the city can be protected areas, he added.


6.5 kilometers to the sea in Antalya, 4 kilometers of Konyaalti Coast and Lara Beach is noteworthy Oguz, "We need to protect these beaches," he said because of the coastal erosion due to the project may lose the risk of Konyaalti coast. Oguz also stated that there is no need for a cruise port on the Lara coast.


Konyaalti Coast coastal project 254 million pounds spent attention to Oguz, Boğaçayı Project also spent 131 million pounds reported. Cleaning, landscaping, maintenance, repair, security, cleaning materials, such as underlining that the municipality expenses, Oguz, Konyaalti coast 8 monthly 12 million pounds of money spent.


Underlining that urban transportation problem can be solved by transportation planning, ring roads, improvement of public transportation and smart transportation systems, Oğuz said that they will prepare a transportation plan that everyone fits. Oğuz said that the traffic will be relieved by the ring roads, the West, North-West and North ring roads will make a great contribution to urban transportation, he said. Duraliler, New Industry and Uncali bridged intersection work will begin soon indicating that Oguz, the 3'ncü stage rail system they have to finish the interchange between the university and Meltem reported. Oguz, after the intersection of Meltem'daki Antalyaspor intersection will be closed said. Oguz said they would do small touches, National Sovereignty Street and Ataturk Street will change the bicycle paths, he said.


Oguz said that they plan to make a monorail from the port to the stadium and the central median, ak If we find the source, we have a subway plan on the 16 kilometer section from the stadium to the west and Kundu. Oguz, Antalya, Sarısu, the cable car and the Duden Waterfall between the two-storey buses called Hop On Hop Off said.


32 tender before the election was made by reminding that some projects have been canceled by specifying the Oguz pointed out that the Kınık Hali project pointed out that the 505 million pounds. Eastern Garage and the old stadium in the field of projects, the museum complex is about to be completed Oguz said, Ataturk Indoor Sports Hall said they should decide.


Oğuz said that Tünektepe will be returned to its former state and said, uz We are returning Tünektepe to its former state. We're gonna turn the carousel back to its old identity. Projects are ready. It will be a beautiful living space for the people to use. ”


Oğuz said that Sarısu was given to Antalya Metropolitan Municipality until 2029 and an investment of approximately 15 million pounds was stated. “The protocol for the transition from the C-type promenade area to the D-type promenade area was annulled over the 3 year, but the protocol was renewed over the years. The Ministry wants to reallocate the rate by the tender method. The Metropolitan made an investment there. It needs to be operated. Our President met with the Minister. I think it will continue. Sarısu is under the responsibility of the municipality ”.


Oguz pointed out that the implementation of savings in the municipality, said: “The resource is now borrowing and saving. We're saving now. A serious savings circular was issued. For the benefit of the public, we will go through this process with low-cost projects. We will make the right investments. ”


After the speech by Mustafa Balci, IMO Antalya Branch President. Cem Oğuz was presented a plaque. The interview ended with a collective photo shoot. (Antalyasonhab is)

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