Turkey's First Engine Factory: 'Silver Engine'

turkiyenin first engine factory engine silver
turkiyenin first engine factory engine silver

After graduating from ITU Necmettin continue their academic studies in Germany Erbakan, during these studies, he began to fight Turkey Agricultural Equipment with regret that the Authority from the import of the engine has ordered Turkey to the local and national facility to produce its own engines.

basic to produce Turkey's first domestic engine with Erbakan's initiative in 1956 thrown Silver Engine, 20 1960 with 250 employees in 9 March 15 and 30 ps'lik one and started the production of two-cylinder engines.

Silver Motor, deep well pumps produced by the Turkish farmers to meet the needs of a large and all the orders of the State Water Works was met.

The thought of producing silver motor engine launched in Turkey has disturbed some segments and Silver engines were imported for the immersion of the motor considering the huge loss was driven by the domestic market for several years. In 1964, the Silver engine, unable to get state support, began to suffer.

When the majority of the shares were transferred to the sugar beet cooperative and Sugar factory, Erbakan was forced to leave the General Directorate. The name Silver Motor has been changed to “Beet Motor.. A license agreement was made with German Hatz company at 1965 and gasoline and air cooling engine production started.

Everything went well for Beet Motor up to the beginning of the 1980s, and was preferred by the masses because the product was robust and suited to user needs. During this period, when agricultural activities were largely supported by the state, the engines were sold a lot and became a legend in the country. During this period, all of the engines in Turkey, regardless of the brand "Beet engine" began to be called. Africa and the Middle East mainly found buyers from many countries outside of Turkey.

Rescued from bankruptcy by receiving government support twice, the company became a loss-producing structure during the 1990 years. The factory established by Erbakan was active for years. Established a nationwide network of dealers, spare parts and suppliers. The factory has suffered for many years and the engine sounds have been silenced in 56. Although the Company closed the year 2011 2011 thousand in Turkey is still about Beet Engine Manufacture is known to be used.

Here is just one of the motor struggle of Erbakan teacher. Erbakan had been given need state support in teacher engine production in deep wells Turkey, tractors, cars, trucks, buses, ships, of Turkey in the manufacture of tanks and aircraft engines could move today to the level of developed countries, but always denied.

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  1. the head of state that does not support the production of silver engine is wrong