Citizens will sit at Varsak Bus Station Tram Stations!

where we will sit at the bus station tram stops
where we will sit at the bus station tram stops

3, which is offered to the public on the first day of Eid al-Adha after the trial expeditions by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is completed. The first part of the stage rail system, Varsak Bus Station tram line stops at the stops did not go unnoticed. Citizens waiting for the arrival of the tram was seen sitting in the columns of the area made for canopy.

9 On June 2018, Varsak-Zerdalilik 1, the foundation of which was laid and planned to be implemented at a cost of approximately 3 billion. The first stage of the Stage Rail system, Varsak-Otogar rail system, began to serve the citizens on the first day of the Eid al-Adha after trial runs. On the other hand, the tram line, which is frequently used by citizens when they start to provide service, is not overlooked. At some points, although the construction of the new parts of the upper part of the cable hanging, in some places, there are security weaknesses.

BANK There are no benches in the stops ”

The biggest shortcoming, the 21 station Varsak-Otogar line stops in the citizens did not miss the lack of seats. Citizens can not find the bench to sit on the corner of the stall and canopy columns in the pavilion sitting on the sidewalks waiting for the tram. Citizens are very good service, but the authorities should complete these shortcomings as soon as possible, he says.

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