Machine Control with Radio Technology

machine control with radio technology
machine control with radio technology

With the radio technology used in off-road vehicles, construction machinery and cartography, machine control prevents errors and ensures that the works are done in one time and accurately.

Machine control used to accurately position machines based on GNSS systems and 3B design models offers many advantages.

Machine control systems use Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) to facilitate different job site workflows and improve positioning accuracy.

They can be used for a variety of machines such as pavers, graders, excavators, earth and asphalt compactors, cutters, forestry machinery, tractors and milling machines. Machine control systems help the operator, increase productivity and safety.

The current position of the machine is determined and then compared to the position with the desired design surface. The difference is shown to the operator, the user can easily determine what is required to create the required design. For example; provide the operator with a visual guide to the position of the blade, or teach the machine hydraulics and move the blade automatically.

While machine control improves the quality of work, it also increases workplace safety by ensuring that the machines are in full control and do not crash. It reduces the need for rework - everything is done right in one go. Machine control makes the job more precise. For example; Less waste in smart farming means the best use of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

SATEL in machine control applications

Used worldwide in machine control, SATEL's radio technology offers the perfect solution for mission critical operations. Because SATEL radio technology is an independent network, it can be used even in regions with limited or no coverage.

Bilko's distributorship in Turkey has undertaken, realized numerous projects with the radio communication system that SATELA services, offers machine control solutions with high-quality products and turnkey engineering services.



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