Railway Workers on Strike in Spain

railway workers go on strike in spain
railway workers go on strike in spain

700 train service canceled in Spain due to strike called by General Work Confederation (CGT)

After the negotiations between the Spanish Railways (RENFE) and the General Trade Confederation (CGT) failed, the unions decided to strike. The General Labor Confederation union (CGT) is seeking a resolution of items such as low bonus rates, outsourcing and lack of personnel.

It was announced that after the trade union's strike decision between 12.00 and 16.00 and 20.00 and 24.00, 700 was canceled from freight, passenger, commuter and high speed train services in the country. The General Work Confederation union (CGT) workers reported that 700, one of the passenger, freight, commuter and high-speed trains, was canceled during the strike.

The strike of the railway workers, which coincides with the holiday period, has left the citizens in a difficult situation, especially in major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. RENFE, which guarantees a minimum service of 50 percent to passengers, announced that no additional fees will be charged for ticket changes and refunds. The General Business Confederation union (CGT) 14 and 30 will go on strike in August and 1 in September.

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